Dividends of peace: J&K govt kick-starts school enrolment drive on LoC

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CEO Poonch Kickstarts Enrollment Drive with Focus on Girl Child Education scaled

Poonch, March, 20: Call it a dividend of peace,  Jammu and Kashmir government kickstarted an enrollment drive on the Line of Control (LoC).

CEO Poonch, Bishamber Dass launched the drive from Government Middle School Dhant, nestled on the Line of Control in an extremely rural village within Kanuyian Zone in Poonch district.  

Accompanied by N.M. Suri, DEPO Poonch, and Anwar Hussain, ZEO Kanuyian, CEO Bishamber Dass were greeted with warmth by the students, staff, and the School Management Committee of Middle School Dhant led by Nazir Mughal, a Retired and veteran academician. As a symbolic gesture of growth and sustainability, CEO Dass also planted a fruit plant on the school premises, signifying the nurturing of education in the region.

During the drive, the CEO extended personal visits to the homes of some students, urging parents to consider enrolling their wards in government schools. He highlighted the array of basic facilities being provided, emphasizing the conducive learning environment offered by government educational institutions.

CEO Poonch, Bishamber Dass, emphasized the importance of collective effort for the holistic development of students. He urged parents, members of the School Management Committee, and the community at large to join hands in ensuring the well-being and progress of the students.

CEO Dass reiterated the crucial role of regular attendance in school, urging parents to prioritize their children’s education by ensuring their consistent attendance.

N.M. Suri, DEPO Poonch, highlighted the significance of positive societal cooperation in maximizing the effectiveness of school staff. He emphasized that the synergy between the school and the community is essential for fostering an enriching educational environment where students can thrive.

ZEO Kanuyian, Anwar Hussain, affirmed the commitment to bolstering educational standards in remote regions, stating, “The school shall be provided with kindergarten and other essential support to ensure the delivery of quality education in these far-flung areas.”

Darshan Kumar, Coordinator of the Enrollment Drive, provided insights to the visiting officers and the School Management Committee about various initiatives undertaken by the school. These initiatives include the renovation of the school infrastructure and the enhancement of facilities aimed at ensuring a holistic learning experience for the students.

Nazir Mughal, retired District Education and Planning Officer, and members of the School Management Committee expressed their appreciation for the proactive efforts of the school staff. They commended the staff for their selfless contributions towards renovating the school infrastructure, setting a remarkable example for others in the community. Their dedication serves as a beacon of inspiration, exemplifying the spirit of collective responsibility toward educational advancement.

During the event, the school staff members, including Manju Sharma, in charge of the school, Shaheen Akhter, Sapna Sharma, Jagmeet Kour, and Anil Sharma (PET), expressed their strong dedication to offering high-quality education. They promised to do everything possible to ensure that every student receives excellent education and support.

Pic arrival of spring

The Almond Alcove: Come spring, people throng Badamwari to witness bloom

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Srinagar, Mar 20: Come spring, Badamwari comes alive with the breathtaking beauty of almond bloom,

 “For us Kashmiris, the blooming of almond trees in Badamwari Garden is a cherished and beautiful view that marks the beginning of spring,” said Aazan, a resident of Zafran Colony Srinagar. “It’s a sight that fills our hearts with joy and reminds us of the resilience of our land.”

Rahul, one of the visitors from Mumbai, told the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) that the enchanting beauty of Badamwari Garden’s almond bloom, and the arrival of spring is like seeing heaven with your naked eyes.

The vibrant hues of pink and white blossoms against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains evoke a sense of wonder and reverence among the people.

The beauty of Badamwari Garden during almond bloom is unparalleled, Sahil, a local said, adding that it is like stepping into a fairytale, where every tree is adorned with delicate flowers.

Families are gathered amidst the blossoms to celebrate the arrival of spring, and the air is filled with a festive look.