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Srinagar:  A 15-member high power academic committee of Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) is meeting in the next two days to decide about the syllabus rationalization and examination format for class 10 and 12.

Since March all educational institutions have been shut due to coronavirus pandemic. Most of the schools have shifted to the online mode of teaching. Some schools have provided study material to their students. Even tele-classes have been organized for those students who do not have access to smartphones and the internet.


However, many students of far-flung areas have missed out on the online and teleclasses due to the unavailability of the internet, smartphones, and television.

To make up for the academic losses, BOSE is mulling to rationalize the curriculum of 10th and 12th class students in the annual examinations.

 “A high level 15 member academic committee will meet in a day or two. Leading academicians are members of this committee. We will brief them about the problems and deficiencies faced by students. Keeping in view the present situation, they will make a decision which will be beneficial for students,” said a JKBOSE official, wishing anonymity.

The committee will explore two options: To rationalize syllabus or provide a choice-based question paper. “If the first option is taken into consideration, the committee will decide what percent of the syllabus will be rationalized. Trends at the national level will be taken into consideration and accordingly, the decision will be taken. We have different problems due to the local situation. So local problems will also be taken into consideration,” said the official.

Director of Academics, JKBOSE, Farooq Peer said due to the pandemic only 15 well-experienced members will take part in the meeting to decide the curriculum for annual examinations.

“Final decision will be announced in five days. Whatever the decision they take, it will be accepted by the board and the same will be forwarded to the government,” he said.

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  1. I think mass promotion is best for class 11 2020 Jammu division. i have cleared 10th class this year. and now i want mass promotion in 11th class because of following reasons:

    problem of 2G connectivity.
    no proper clearance of any topic during online classes beacuse some questions are not solve in online classes. that are done kn only board.
    tuitions are also we are very tense about this thing please think about students

  2. I think due to covid 19 pandemic jkbose should reduce syllabus upto 50% so that we will pass the examination easily .it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to pass the examination without studying anything so jkbose should take the students into consideration who have not studied anything .. my request to jkbose is to take decision as soon as possible bcoz all the students are in delimma

  3. It Will be better for all of us to think about govt. School students because private students have the ability to clear any exam with average result but it’s difficult for govt. Students because they have nothing read…….

  4. Before the covid means before march my target wat at 490….above because i am totally depend school teachers .bcoz in our area not a single teacher can teach us here is not such a best facalities . bt due to coronavirus pandmic when schools were shut off i i also shut off myself not only me but all those student who are living in this area because there are those teachers who cant teach SS lavle
    I am not critisize teachers they works hard for student they want to also help us they are also in search of teacher for us but unfortunatly they also becoms helpless for us they have their own job but only at primery levle

  5. Sir i have completed only 20perc. being a topper of my class. I am meloncholic because of the fact that where will i complete my remaining syllabus

  6. It wouldn’t be safe to conduct papers of class 10th in Kashmir bcz of covid19 No parent will send their children to examnation centres so mass promotion or jkbose should create their own sight for online exam for class 10 th and 12th

  7. Root cause lies in the connectivity. 2G does not serve any purpose. Availability and quality network is not there to each and every corner of Jammu and Kashmir. Government does only eye wash measures.

  8. I think there are two better options firstly ● follow pattern of 2016 or
    ● Reduction of 30 to 50 percent syllabus
    Both of them are better for every below average students too
    ● Best one is 2o16 pattern best choice ever pattern ….

    Plz follow one of them !!!!!!

  9. In my opinion MCQs is the best option of first half syllabus.
    No one is talking about reappear categories who are almost fully spoiled.Without any further delay all reappear category students must be given mass promotions as they have already lost 2 precious years for no fault of theirs.
    Regular students have still little time to cover atleast 50% syllabus if conditions move toward normalcy.

  10. I think mcqs will be a better option because students were not able join classes regularly as in our Kashmir encounters happen day to day due to some students of some areas were not able to attend class regularly not that only the 2G speed of internet made us cry because sometimes sir listened our talks but students were not able to listen and vice versa that’s why I think if there will be 60% syllabus with mcqs type may be some students might get passed in the exams by this way and our career will be settled 🙏🙏🙏

  11. I think whole syllabus should b considered and mcq should b preferred for 80p.c syllabus and rest short answer type

  12. Being a teacher i vl suggest for open choice… paper should be set from entire syllabus nd students shoud be given open choice to opt for 50 percent marks of their choice… As a govt teacher i can assure that max syllabus has been covered during winter schooling… we have worked hard nd im sure students vl make out of it.

    1. As per my viwe student have not been complete 40%of syllbus
      I can talk abut myself yet i ve not complete even 20%of syllbus because of inconvence
      Every day our superviser sends a messags that …due to slow network there will be no class today

  13. Syllabus Reduction of 50% is the only option ,we r the students ,No one can even experience the mental torture we have been going through since this pandemic started in Kashmir .
    Btw ,the paper pattern should be lyk as Framed in 2016 ,coz who knows ,who has done vt?
    And plxe ,make the decision crystal clear in public in least amount of time,if you really do care about our careers !

  14. Reduction in syllabus for classes 10th,11th and 12th is a nice descision but then it should not be in MCQ’s form .or pattern .
    Otherwise it’s reliability and validity will be lost or of no use.

  15. Reduction of syllabus is better option for the 10th and 12th students. If there will be limited syllabus for the students they can prepare for exams. Also students have no exposure of time management and other things because they haven’t appeared for any examination in this year and also they have no guidance . Therefore it will be tough for the students to cover the whole syllabus in this time where number of students feel depressed and also withoutt confirmantion of exam datess because of increasing cases of covid-19. Mcq’s is not better option because students can easily cheat and what is the fun of appearing in exams if its easy? And also appearing 60% in examss out of 100% is not much beneficial as studentss have to cover 100% syllabus that too without guidance. Online classess are not beneificial. Covering 100% syllabus is impossible for a student in thiss depressed time and without datee of examss or information . Students are also scared of their health also so exams should also be in winter months because that is the only timr when there is less chances of spread of covid-19 as said by doctors and scientist. If by mistake 1 students gets infected there will be a lot of problem for the jkbose.

    1. Yes
      I can talk abut myself yet i ve not complete even 20%of syllbus because of inconvence
      Every day our superviser sends a messags that …due to slow network there will be no class today

      1. I am Gazi parvaiz as far as me i concern being a new pattern MCQ will be so tough for student so curtailed in syllbus will much better so far that student could complete 50 to 60 percent syllbus without depression

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