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Coalition Collapse: Rage, sentiments get revealed on social media


By Hirra Azmat

Srinagar, Jun 19: The falling of the BJP-PDP alliance in Jammu and Kashmir Tuesday dominated social media, with netizens weighing in with their opinions and quips on the breakup.
Minutes after the BJP withdrew its support to the alliance, people from all walks of life, including politicians and journalists, took to the social networking sites for voicing their views.
While many rejoiced over it, others pondered on the abrupt manner of the split and weighed on the inevitability of it.
New Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal tweeted, “After ruining it, BJB pulls out of Kashmir.”
Kapil Sibal, former union minister and senior Congress leader, wrote in a tweet, “An opportunistic BJP. First an opportunistic alliance with PDP. Now an opportunistic breakaway. Both acts of political immorality Kaise Desh Badlega?”
Barkha Dutt, a noted journalist and columnist, explained in a tweet, “Governor’s rule will do Jammu & Kashmir a world of good. The alliance was pulling people and politicians in opposite directions. @Mehbooba Mufti had a chance to reset terms after Kathua, but missed it. Politically BJP outsmarted her. Anyway for national interest, state needed it.”
Mirza Wahid, eminent Kashmiri author, wrote, “PDP will soon start talking about the human rights of Kashmiris.”
Gowher Geelani, a journalist, took jibes at PDP-BJB coalition.
“Now what about the sacred alliance document? All doormats come with an expiry date. The brand PDP lasted for three-years-three months. The unholy alliance ends. Rest in peace,” he tweeted.
Another senior journalist Iftikhar Geelani, wrote on his twitter handle, “No CM of J&K has ever survived rage of Jammu. Be Sheikh Abdullah in 53, Farooq in 84, Azad in 2008 and now Mehbooba in 2018.”
Hakeem Irfan, a Kashmiri journalist with Economic Times tweeted, “Agar Taqdeer Barooye Kashmir Ast: Governor Ast, Governor Ast, Governor Ast. #BJBDumpsPDP #MehboobaMufti #PDPBJB.”
Majid Maqbool, journalist with Greater Kashmir, tweeted, “Post unilateral breakup with BJB, PDP leaders might start visiting homes of civilians killed and blinded during its rule.”
Abdul Majid Zargar, a columnist wrote in his Facebook post, “The dismissal of Mehbooba Govt also means to keep Mehbooba away from the investigations in Shujaat Bukhari’s assassination case. After all skulls shouldn’t fall in hands of Kashmiris’ once they roll down from cupboards.”
Huzaifa Pandit, a young Kashmiri poet, posted on Facebook, “So Mehbooba has been holding the proverbial baby. What was that Urdu saying: na khuda Mila na wisaal e Sanam…or something like that. Interesting, very interesting. So much for the experiment. Was terrible while it lasted.”
A Kashmiri anthropologist, Ather Zia, working at University of North Colorado, posted on Facebook, “The Kashmiri stooges have always been dispensable. They know their fate when entering this fake democracy. the stooges vary in the degree of tyranny, rest how India uses them and throws them remains same since 1947. Pardon me, but for the stooges and their ilk only the “condom” analogy works. Period.”
Other netizens from Kashmir also took to twitter and Facebook expressing their views on the unprecedented split in the coalition.
Mudasir Firdosi tweeted, “PDP had so many reasons to dump BJB but like any abusive relationship, the abuser won. #BJPdumpsPDP.”
Farhana tweeted, “Has Indian Supreme Court not banned Triple Talaq? Then how did BJB did a Talaq Talaq Talaq to PDP ? #PDPLoser #SlaptoPDP.”
Sana Fazili posted on Facebook, “But why is all major news happening after the UN reports.”
Shaykh Adnan, tweeted, “For all those celebrating this fallacy as an absolute victory, the governor is not going be a Messiah. Miseries don’t end here neither the killings.”