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BJP, RSS eroding democratic institutions for power: Mir





Srinagar, Feb 12 : Addressing a largely attended public gathering in Uri Baramulla, the J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President G.A. Mir has said that time has come to throw saffron Party out of power, saying that people have immensely suffered due to the wrong policies adopted by the Centre Government.

Mir also said that BJP was hell bent upon to erode the democratic institutions in the country to remain in power, the best example of which is J&K State, where the State Assembly was first put in a suspended animation for a long, then it was dissolved unceremoniously aiming to derail the process of Government formation in the State.

Addressing the gathering JKPCC President G.A. Mir reiterated his appeal to people both in the State & Country to launch a rigorous campaign to safeguard the institutions of public importance, as that, the conspiracies, at large scale, were being hatched to undermine the authority of democratic institutions to remain in power on the part of BJP-RSS, he cautioned the people in all the three regions about the designs of communal an fascist forces hell bent upon to divide the people on religious and regional lines.


Despite the rains and biting a huge gathering of people participating in public meeting.

G.A. Mir said the Saffron Party (BJP), which has been banking on religious politics was not feeling comfortable in a democratic set up because it believes in dictatorial attitude while putting in strenuous efforts to take control of Democratic institutions, so that, they could do everything to grab power, which has to be countered and defeated in the larger interest of the people.

He cautioned the people about the designs of BJP-RSS and other forces in the State, which are doing everything to create a political uncertainty on the behest of the Centre Govt led by PM Narendra Modi in order to create confusion among the people before elections, appealing them (People) to remain vigilant and not to come under false, frivolous and fictious propaganda unleashed by these forces, for the fact, the ideology of BJP RSS was a threat to peace, harmony and secular fabric of the Country.

On this occasion he (Mir) expressed confidence that Congress Party will do extremely well in the upcoming Parliamentary and Assembly elections in the State and will merge as a single largest party, he added and said people in all the three regions will vote for Congress Party to ensure defeat of politics of opportunism and exploitation on the part of BJP, PDP and others, he said.

Addressing the gathering Former Minister & Senior Congress Leader Taj Mohi U Din hit out at previous PDP BJP ruling dispensation for failing people on all counts. They promised enough to people before the elections, but could not even fulfill a single promise, as a result, people were feeling alienated, he said.

The misrule and mismanagement on the Part of PDP BJP has damaged the socio-political scenario in the State. He said people will not forget the misrule and mismanagement on the part of PDP BJP Coalition which will continue to remain source behind the disillusionment & damages caused to peace and development in the State.

Referring to the development of the Uri, Taj said that Uri has been neglected by PDP BJP & NC, as a result, the developmental process of Uri started by Congress Party has come to standstill.

The entire population of Uri (1.25 Lacs) is my family, no one in the world has such a huge family Taj Mohi U Din said and pledged to continue to work for the overall development and prosperity of the people of Uri.



Violence against Kashmiri students, traders shameful, unacceptable: NC



Srinagar, Feb 20: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference has termed the enduring incidents of violence, intimidation and harassment of Kashmiri students, professionals and families putting up across the country as unacceptable saying that the culprits must be nabbed and brought to justice.

Party’s provincial spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar while expressing concern on the unremitting attacks on Kashmiris as deplorable said, “Such attacks are a physical manifestation of the hate mongering being perpetuated against Kashmiris on social media networks. The assertions of the governor of Meghalaya Tathagatha Roy have also come as a surprise to us. Inevitably what he and other s are saying will inevitably vitiate the atmosphere and provoke the lumpen elements to intimidate the innocent Kashmiris across the country,” adding “The assertions of Mr. Roy does not behoove the constitutional position which he holds. His assertions are of grave concern and should not be taken as impel bout of anger. Similarly there are others who are openly calling for boycott of Kashmiri students and traders. This smear campaign against a community has put lives of innocent Kashmiris at risk.”

Imran said that Kashmiris have been at the receiving end of the violence born out of the impending conflict. “The bullying, harassment and intimidation elsewhere in the country will push the already distressed people of Kashmir to wall. By denying safe spaces to Kashmiris across the country to pursue their vocations, the lumpen fringe is explicitly telling them that they have no prospects elsewhere in the country.”


Imran maintained that the party president Dr Farooq Abdullah is personally overseeing the relief measures of the party following some incidents of targeted violence against Kashmiris in Jammu. “The party leadership is in touch with various state chief ministers to ensure the safety and security of the Kashmiris putting up outside state,” he said adding, “however nothing substantial has been done towards providing our people a sense of security. The incidents of violence are unremittingly going on.”

Imran while castigating the laid-back attitude of the GOI in ensuring safety of Kashmiris said, “No strong word of condemnation has come from the central government against the ongoing attacks on Kashmiris. The all party meet too was rather mute on the unjustified attacks on Kashmiris across the country. On the country senior ministers are denying any attack on Kashmiri students.”

While censuring certain media channels on harboring hate against the Kashmiri, he said, “Certain sections of media have also been fanning passions of the people. By creating alternate realities by mixing hate with rhetoric, certain sections of media have also done great disservice to the unity of the country,” he said.

Imran while seeking an immediate seize to the ongoing attacks on Kashmiris urged GoI and State governments across the country to ensure that people who are involved in the incidents of arson are arrested and persecuted. “The incumbent governor administration has failed to ensure the safety of Kashmiris in Jammu, given the fact that the policing, law and order comes under the effective control of state,” he said adding, “ the central government is duty bound to provide safety and security to all. The GOI cannot shut its eyes towards their constitutional obligations.”



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BJP brazenly trying to gain political mileage out of Pulwama attack: Congress



Srinagar, Feb 20: Describing the current situation in Jammu and elsewhere in the Country in the wake of recent Pulwama episode as extremely disturbing, the J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) has expressed grave concern over the intimidation of students and other citizens from the valley putting up in different States.

He also said that BJP is brazenly trying to gain electoral mileage out of the unfortunate Pulwama incident.

In a statement issued to media, G.A. Mir reiterated that Govt of India has miserably failed to restore sense of security among the people, urging that more effective measures need to be taken to ensure safety of people especially the students and businessmen living in other parts of the valley.


The Centre Govt has miserably failed to restore calm, rather the lack of interest in dispersing the crisis on its part has added problems to the already complex situation in Jammu and other parts of the Country, for which BJP first then Centre Govt is directly responsible, he said.

He lashed out at BJP for fishing in troubled waters, saying that it is the BJP RSS which is fanning the fire aiming to serve their dirty political ends, but at the same time, G.A Mir felt confident that handful of troublemaking forces won’t be able to control the entire democratic system in the country, he warned of serious consequences in case they do not mend their ways.

He said the security of people should be of a paramount importance for the Centre and no one should have been allowed to intimidate the innocent people especially students who are studying in different parts of the country, emphasizing that stern action must be initiated against those vitiating peaceful atmospheres in the country to serve their vested interests.

Hundreds of students from the State have almost completed their studies and were preparing for final examination, but the intimidation is forcing them to leave their studies, which is a matter of grave concern, he added and urged upon both State & Centre Govt to take more effective measures to restore confidence among the students and businessmen from valley, besides the College authorities in different be directed to ensure every facility enabling them (students) to complete their studies.

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EJAC to protest on Feb 27 against suspension of employees



Srinagar, Feb 20: Employees Joint Action Committee (EJAC) has decided to stage a protest against the government for suspending two of employees who as per them raised their voice against the corruption.

EJAC leaders told media that ULB Employees United Forum had raised their voice against the corruption but the leadership of the forum was suspended.

“It is unfortunate that those who raise concern and voice against the corrupted officers are being suspended,” EJAC said.


Meanwhile, EJAC under the leadership of its acting president Fayaz Ahmad Shabnum has decided to stage protest on February 27 at Srinagar’s Press Colony against the suspension of two employees.

However, they said EJAC will launch agitation in case the demands of union are not met.

The employees association also appealed Governor led administration to constitute a committee to verify the involvement of officers in corruption.

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