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BJP reminds NC of 1951 elections to Constituent Assembly

Brig Anil Gupta

Srinagar, Sep 18: While the people of the state are rejoicing the decision of the Central Government to not to surrender to the dictates of Kashmiri politicians who till now have been managing to have their ways by “blackmailing” or forcing the centre to succumb to their dictates, the Kashmir-centric parties continue to resist the devolution of power to the lowest echelons of democracy on one pretext or the other stated Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of BJP in a statement

“The people at large are celebrating the state government’s decision to go ahead and conduct the local bodies and panchayat elections. The electoral process has been set in motion by announcing the election-schedule by the CEO. However, the Kashmir-centric parties sticking to their decision of boycott have termed the decision of the government as ‘arrogance of state power.’ Kashmir Province President of NC has said that “now we would like to see the relevance of these elections”, despite the fact that two mainstream parties have boycotted it. “


Brig Gupta reminded the NC of 1951 elections to the Constituent Assembly which were boycotted by the PrajaParishad of Jammu and Sheikh Abdullah decided to go ahead with the elections with NC winning 75/75 seats unopposed. If those elections were considered perfectly relevant, then how can the relevance of these elections be questioned, asked Brig Gupta?

“The fact is that NC right from its inception has been an autocratic party which later became a dynastic party. Sheikh Abdullah always wanted to govern J&K as a ‘party state’. His slogan was ‘One Party. One Leader, One Programme’” stated Brig Gupta.

Even now the party leadership has completely ignored the wishes and sentiments of its workers by announcing the boycott. It should have been left for the people to decide. The cadres in Jammu and Ladakh have been taken for granted and their interest totally overlooked by both the NC and PDP just for the sake of “dynastic interests”, accused the spokesperson. “Is the state arrogant or these political parties who for the sake of their dynasties stymied the wish of the majority who want to be part of this historic exercise but left them with no option,” questioned Brig Gupta.

Much against their wishes Kashmiris are being forced and coerced by these parties to prevent them from exercising their democratic right.

Complementing the Governor for not falling in their trap by ignoring their demand for consultations or All Party Meet, Brig Gupta said that it wouldn’t have served any purpose. As in the past, all these Kashmir-centric parties would have got together and forced the Governor to abandon the democratic process and prevented the empowerment of grass-root level democratic institutions, asserted Brig Gupta. “What is the fun of talking to so-called mainstream parties when they begin to parrot the language of separatists? It is sheer arrogance against democracy and deserves condemnation from all quarters,” said Brig Gupta.