BJP OBC J&K Applauds Government for Historic Passage of Reservation (Amendment) Bill!

Srinagar :In an official statement, Sajjad Hussain Kumar, the General Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir BJP OBC Morcha, expresses his satisfaction with the successful passing of the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation (Amendment) Bill in both houses of Parliament by the central government. Kumar underscores the profound significance of this legislative achievement, emphasizing its crucial role in establishing parity for backward sections of society, aligning with national practices.

He draws attention to the historical deprivation of constitutional rights faced by the state’s backward classes and commends the central government for its commitment to addressing this longstanding issue, thereby demonstrating its dedication to the welfare of the populace. Kumar notes that the amended bill replaces the term “weak and backward classes” with “other backward classes,” a move aimed at eradicating historical disparities.

Foreseeing substantial benefits for the backward classes in Jammu and Kashmir, Kumar anticipates increased opportunities in education and employment. He commends the central government for its direct implementation of various schemes designed to foster the prosperity of these communities.

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