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Avoid iftaar parties, offer taraweeh at home: Deoband, others issue advisory


Srinagar: The Darul Uloom, Deoband and other Muslim organisations in the country have issued advisories, asking members of the community to maintain social distancing during the month of Ramzan which begins on April 23. The advisories have been issued in view of the country-wide lockdown and social distancing guidelines put in place to contain the spread of coronavirus which has claimed over 500 lives across the country.

In its advisory, the Darul Uloom said Muslims should pray at home and avoid visiting mosques so that social distancing, as ordered by the government, is maintained.


A similar advisory in Karnataka asked people not to hold sehri (the early morning meal) or iftaar (the evening meal to end the fast) parties and urged to follow government instructions regarding selling and buying of essentials.

The Imarat-e-Shariah, Karnataka advised the Muslim community to not make arrangements to awaken people for sehri by using loudspeakers and avoid going out during the days and nights of Ramzan.

Religious leaders in Hyderabad have also appealed to follow the advice of health and medical experts and observe preventive measures, especially social distancing, strictly.

In a statement, Jamia Nizamia in Hyderabad said all Muslims shall partake iftaar at home and not at mosques. “While staying at home the Muslims shall offer prayers, observe fasting and perform taraweeh,” read the statement.

During the month-long period, Muslims across the world fast from dawn to dusk and offer special prayers in groups called taraweeh. Festivities and feasts mark the holy month. This year, however, is different. In the absence of socialising amid Covid-19, Muslims are gearing up for a subdued Ramzan.