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Advocates of single party rule have actually tormented sanctity of Art 370: Hakeem

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Jammu, Jan 12: Chairman PDF, Hakeem Yaseen has ridiculed political parties who are propagating for a single party rule in the state alleging that actually they are the people who tormented sanctity of the Article 370 and eroded internal autonomy of the state despite having brute majority many times since 1947. He said they cannot always befool people of the state as their report card lies before the people.
In a statement issued to media, Hakeem Yaseen has said that now some political parties are propagating for a single party mandate notwithstanding the fact that they have always betrayed people after getting massive public mandate many a times since 1947.
He said history stands witness how these parties sabotaged autonomy restoration many times despite having 2/3rd majority in the state assembly only to save their chair. He said these parties have always deceived people of the state on the hollow promises of safeguarding Article 370 and restoration of internal autonomy.
“Actually they the people who amended constitution of the state time and again and brought several central laws which are against the interests of the state,” adding that all the draconian laws were brought here by them which have made life of the people worst than a hell. He said these opportunistic political parties should know that the memory of people is not so weak that they could be fooled and deceived once again. He said people still remember how they justified naked dance of death and destruction in the state during their regimes.
Hakeem Yaseen has questioned, how these parties now claim that a single party rule only can be in the larger interests of the state when they always bartered the interests of the state whenever they headed their respective single party governments in the state since 1947.
Hakeem Yaseen said that contrary to this, a coalition government can be more advantageous for strengthening of the democratic institutions, provided coalition partners are sincere to serve the people.