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Acting is like yoga, we have to experiment with different roles to keep ourselves flexible:Javed Jaaferi

Javed Jaaferi was in New Delhi to promote his upcoming horror film titled Lupt. The actor, along with director Prabhuraj and Vijay Raaz, spoke to about their film Lupt and more.
Q. We have not seen you in many horror films. What was the reason?
Javed: I have not been offered a horror film before. Also, it would be wrong to categorise Lupt into a horror film. It is more about supernatural, psychological thriller and horror mix. It is not based on a ghost. It is more based on the characters. The one I am playing in the film is extremely different to what people have seen me on the screen so far. So, I was also excited to attempt it.
Q. How is Lupt different?
Javed: There is a term used in the Hindi film industry – ‘relief’. Just for the sake of relief, sexual scenes, romance and item numbers are added. In this film, there is no relief. There is no deviation from the story. Once you get into it, you get into the film.
Q. Horror comedy Stree received positive reviews and dominated the box office. Do you think it will become a trend?
Javed: If Stree has become popular that doesn’t mean every other horror film or horror comedy will be successful.
Vijay Raaz: Today, the trend is changing so fast. One cannot stick to one thing just because it was a hit. Today, horror comedy worked but tomorrow, an action film can do well. It is almost impossible to note and crack the formula of what will be a hit film.
Q. This is one intense role after a long time. What was the reason to sign this script?
Javed: I am an actor first. Cannot eat dal chawal, biryani every day. So, we also get tired of doing the same thing. Acting is like yoga. We have to experiment with different roles to keep ourselves flexible.
Prabhuraj: I had seen his first film Meri Jung. Since then I was a fan of him. People have seen him doing comedy. He is considered as a good comedian. However, it is not right to label someone without exploring. I broke the barrier in my head. I knew he would be able to pull off a serious character. His voice and looks also make his screen presence good. And above all, an amazing actor. He fits the bill.
Q. You are every 90s kid’s favorite memory because of the work you’ve done on television. How do you recall your time on the small screen?
Javed: That was a creative zone. On television, I have had very creatively satisfying work to do. I have even enjoyed dubbing for films. See, I do not look at work in terms of money it gets me. I see it in terms of creativity. That is how my outlook is towards my career, just be creatively evolving.
Q. Any plans to make a comeback?
Javed: Why not! If there is an opportunity, I will surely want to work on television. I love the medium. However, will not do a daily soap.