5 Healthy Snacks That Can Help With Exam Preparation

March 9, 2024

Exam time is here! It is the time when students try hard to memorize and understand a lot of new information. Therefore, students must keep their health in top shape. Late nights, stress, missed meals and unhealthy snacking can affect overall well-being and ability to concentrate. Diet plays a crucial role in keeping the brain and body nourished. To help students promote mental performance and overall well-being, here are some healthy foods that students can snack on while studying.
Healthy snacks for students

  1. Nuts and seeds
    Nuts and seeds are well-packed with essential nutrients like vitamin E and zinc that can support brain health. They are also rich in protein, fibre and healthy fats that can keep one fueled throughout.

Prepare a trail mix and snack on nuts, seeds and dried fruits for better health.

  1. Eggs
    Eggs are perfect for breakfast as well as effective for the brain. Vitamin B6, folic acid, protein and vitamin B12 in eggs can help boost cognitive health. Also, it is crucial to consume whole eggs to reap all the benefits.
  2. Protein-rich foods
    Protein can provide the much-needed energy during exam time. The human body takes time to process protein and provides constant energy. So, snack on paneer, sprouts, chana, eggs and other protein-rich foods.
  3. Citrus foods
    Citrus foods can help boost mental performance and support overall brain performance. Consuming citrus foods can also boost immunity, preventing unwanted illness during exam time.
  4. Dark chocolate
    Cacao in dark chocolate contain antioxidants that can improve brain health. According to studies, cacao flavonoids may encourage neuron and blood vessel growth in parts of the brain involved in memory and learning.

Dark chocolate may also stimulate blood flow in the brain.

What to avoid
It is wise to avoid too much caffeine, sugar-loaded foods and drinks, processed foods and fried items.

Good luck!

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