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3,600 kidnapping, abduction cases in JK in 4 years

Srinagar, Feb 17: More than 3,600 kidnapping and abduction incidents have taken place in Jammu and Kashmir in the last four years, official figures reveal.
As per the figures maintained by the department of Crime Branch of Jammu and Kashmir Police, 877 incidents were reported in the state in 2017—77 cases more compared to 2016 when the number was registered as 800.
In 2015, the Crime Branch registered highest number of kidnapping and abduction related cases in the state—to 1152.
The 2014 witnessed 761 kidnapping and abduction related incidents in the state.
As per the sources in the Police Department, nearly two to three cases of abduction or kidnapping are being reported daily in the state.
“Earlier such incidents would rarely happen in Kashmir and mostly kidnapping incidents reported in Jammu only. But as we see now, every now and then notices come from the police department or families for tracing out missing of kids or even adults,” they said.
Sources said that mostly kidnapping cases compromise of youth and children in the state.
They said that majority of the cases have been solved by the police, revealing personal animosity, human trafficking and extortion as the general motives behind the crime.
“The nature of majority of the cases reveal that personal animosity, enforced begging outside the state, love tangles, human trafficking, and theft have been the main reasons,” said a source.
Sources said that in most of the cases, a kidnapping has been followed by the killing of the victim.
“In case of the recent Kathua case police revealed that the minor was initially kidnapped and then killed,” sources said.
According to police, scores of such cases go unreported either due to remoteness of the location or their families’ reluctance to act.
In 2017, the state two major kidnapping and murder case of a minor girl at Kathua and a businessman in Sopore was witnessed.
The case of the Kathua minor witnessed a major breakthrough 25 days after her murder.
In case of Sopore businessman’s murder, the motive of extortion of gold and money was established by the police.