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Yasin Malik arrested, released

Jammu, Jan 3: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) on Thursday said that the amalgam chief, Muhammad Yasin Malik was detained by police and was lodged at police station Kothi-bagh.
According to a statement issued, JKLF spokesman said that “a large contingent of police today raided the office of JKLF at Abi-Guzar Srinagar and took him in custody.”
Presumably, spokesman said that he has been arrested to prevent him from attending protest program of JRL at Jamia Masjid tomorrow against ‘desecration’ of the Masjid.
In this evening, JKLF Spokesman said that police has released Malik from custody some minutes ago.
Prior to his arrest in this afternoon, Malik while speaking to media persons said that “rulers and the state wants to divide Kashmiri nation and promote state of anarchy here and it is the duty of all young, old, men and women of Kashmir to understand this conspiratorial scheme of India and its allies and remain vigilant and steadfast to safeguard our unity and oneness.”
Malik said that “JRL has called for a peaceful protest at Jamia Masjid on Friday 4th December 2019, against its desecration by some miscreants. This was not a political rally, Jalsa or program but a gathering to boost unity among the ranks and files of common people and eradicate anarchy and hatred from our society.”
He said “but police authorities at the behest of rulers have chosen to take us in custody and disallow Jamia Masjid program and hence promote anarchy and chaos in Kashmir.”
“India has used mass killings, maiming, snatching eye-sights, jailing and incarcerating people and other oppressive measures to suppress our voices but all these tyrannies have failed till date and are bound to fail in future too,” he said, adding that “now, our adversary wants to divide us and promote anarchy in our ranks and files to accomplish its goals and as such it is our duty to remain united, exterminate anarchy and acts promoting confusion in our society.”
“At Jamia Masjid, our program was to carry out prayers and to stand against those who by desecrating Jamia Masjid wanted to divide us, spread anarchism and hurt our sentiments and today’s arrest by police has exposed Indian state and rulers and uncovered the fact that rulers and Indian state wants to enhance division and anarchy in our society and is bitterly against all efforts intended at eradicating these menace from our society,” he said.
He appealed all young, old, men, women, religious, social and political organizations, to stand united against this ill-minded approach of the rulers, keep their unity intact and do whatever possible to exterminate disorder and disbelief from Kashmir.
He said that “our youth and elders need to work hand in hand and remain steadfast to achieve the sacred goal for which thousands of our young and old have and are sacrificing their lives.”