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What Do I Sweat So Much? 7 Reasons Why You Are Sweating Too Much

It is the transition from summer to monsoon season and sweating is an inevitable part of it. Little beads of sweat slowly sweep down your face, arms, stomach, back and other body parts during this time of the year. And let’s admit it, we are not quite fond of that sensation. That warm, wet and sticky feeling becomes too much too take, especially when you sweat way too much. It is considered normal to sweat when it is too hot or when you are working out. However, when you sweat for neither of these reasons, it cannot be considered normal. Your body sweats to release excessive heat. But sweating when the body does not need to cool cannot be considered normal. This excessive perspiration can stem from anything, from low blood sugar to the effect of pregnancy hormones. But with a little investigation, you might be able to reach the root cause of sweating too much. Take note of the factors which give you excessive sweating; emotional or physical stress and the factors accompanying it. In this article, we bring to you a list of 7 possible reasons of sweating too much.
Here’s a list of 7 possible reasons why you are sweating too much.
1. Anxiety
Anxiety is an important contributing factor responsible for excessive sweating. While sweating when you nervous is normal, anxiety can give make you sweat too much. Chronic stress can also contribute to the same. These two conditions can make your sweat glands overactive.
2. Pregnancy
Pregnancy is characterized by sudden changes in your hormones. Rise in overall body temperatures and metabolism can strongly contribute to excessive sweating. The hormones involved in incubating the baby inside your womb raise your metabolic rates, blood flow to the skin and perspiration rates as well.
3. Menopause
A sudden spike in hormonal levels during pregnancy contributes to excessive sweating and so is the case with menopause (decrease in hormonal levels). Hot flashes are an important reason why you could be sweating too much. But once your hormones go back to normal, excessive sweating can come back to normal. Some women might experience the same as early as during their 40s. It is just a sign of the natural process starting early.
?4. Heatstroke
In the scorching heat of the sun, when you start to sweat way too much than what is normal and then stop suddenly, it could mean that you about to get a heatstroke. This happens because your body loses its ability to sweat normally and cool off. Due to this, you might be at risk of suffering a heat stroke. No rehydrating after such a situation can make things worse for you.
5. Low blood sugar levels
Has this ever happened to you; you have a disturbed sleep and then wake up all drenched in sweat? Even if the AC was on all night, some of you are likely to experience excessive sweating and this happens due to low blood sugar levels. This is even more relevant if you are suffering from diabetes. Due the low blood sugar, your body tries to produce more adrenaline to make up for the deficit. This leads to excessive sweating.
6. The effect of some medications
Most people rely on over-the-counter medicines these days and little do they know about the side effects these medicines can possibly have. Sweating too much is one of the possible side effects of such medications.
7. Certain foods
Some foods can give you excessive sweating. For example, spicy, caffeinated, alcoholic and hot foods can give you sweat on your scalp, forehead, face and neck. Surprisingly, even thinking about such foods can make you sweat too much.