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Week-long Da’wah program by IF commences at Gulmarg

Gulmarg, Dec 26: A week-long Da’wah program organized by the Islamic Fraternity (IF) commenced at Gulmarg on Tuesday.
The program will continue till February 1 next year.
During the program, IF volunteers from different Valley districts and outside state, will propagate the message of Islam among the non-Muslim tourists and will distribute the Islamic literature, particularly English and Hindi-translated versions of Quran among them.
The organization has this year invited renowned Islamic scholar, Dr. Shoib Sayyed from Mumbai, as a special guest to oversee the program and to train the volunteers with skills to excel in the field of Da’wah.
Chairman IF, Mohammad Aamir, said that the program is part of their long-term mission of spreading Islamic knowledge and teachings among non-Muslims to clear the misconceptions about and to bring them within the folds of Islam.
“The anti-Islamic elements have been pushing hard to defame Islam and create a wedge between people across the world. The media organizations are there out to demonize Muslims and have contributed a lot to Islamophobia. Here, we try to share with our non-Muslim brothers how peaceful religion Islam is,” Aamir said.
Besides, Aamir said, the organization is serving to tourists the famous Kashmiri Kehwa to beat the chilly cold. Moreover, he said, an ambulance has also been put to service by his organization for tourists to meet the emergencies.
A tent has been erected by the organization inside the snow-covered field of Gulmarg, the place that Aamir said, was specifically chosen so that they could hold maximum conversations with non-Muslim tourists and guide them towards Islam.