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(Watch) National media hits new low: Journalists clash in full public view at Mumbai

National media hit a new low in Mumbai when reporters clashed with each other after an infamous television correspondent termed fellow journalists from other media outfits “chai biscuit” reporters.

It did not go well with the reporters who strongly objected to his language and terminology. The situation turned violent when a pro-government reporter used abuses against his colleagues. Several reporters pounced on the reporter leading to the clashes.

Police immediately swung into action and dispersed the reporters. Several videos of the clashes have gone viral on social media. People term it a dark day in the history of independent journalism. Netizens say that the media too has been polarised akin to the politics in the country. 

Sources said Shushant Singh Rajput (SSR) issue has created a wide split in Mumbai media.  Plus Many media teams have come from Delhi to cover the Bollywood drug dealings.

Several officials are leaking sensitive information to pro-government channels which are using it as breaking news. Even interrogation reports and question-answer sessions with suspects and accused are leaked to the media.