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WATCH: Elderly woman viciously attacked by out-of-control dog

August 31, 2023

One 76-year-old woman fell victim to a vicious dog attack, leaving the authorities in pursuit of the dog’s owner. The horrifying footage seen on YouTube captures the relentless assault by the out-of-control dog, suspected to be a bull breed, as it lunges at the elderly woman.

The harrowing scene unfolds as the dog violently knocks the elderly lady to the ground, not sparing even her pet labradoodle from its savage assault. The distressing footage further reveals the elderly woman being dragged along the ground while desperately clutching her dog’s lead.

Eventually, the owner of the aggressive dog intervenes and manages to wrench the beast away from the labradoodle after it inflicts severe injuries with its bites. In the aftermath of the horrific incident, the elderly woman was promptly rushed to the hospital for medical treatment, as she sustained injuries to her leg and head.

This shocking episode transpired in Handsworth, West Midlands, on the evening of August 4, approximately at 7:45 pm. The suspect, who owns the dog in question, is now the target of a police investigation.

Authorities have confirmed that the individual fled the scene on a bicycle following the violent attack. Inspector Leanne Chapman, representing West Midlands Police’s Dangerous Dog Unit, commented on the disturbing video, emphasizing the immense force the victim had to endure.

It is strongly believed that the dog involved in the incident may belong to a bull breed, prompting urgent action to identify and locate the individual depicted in the images. Authorities are urging anyone with information regarding this matter to come forward promptly, as it is vital to take measures to ensure public safety and prevent potential harm in the future.

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