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Top 6 Processed Foods You Should Definitely Avoid


Ideally you should go to the farmers’ market and get your veggies and other local foods in its most natural forms. But who would go out in the heat and get groceries from a congested marketplace. You would rather stop at a clean and air-conditioned grocery store where you can get everything. You can get canned foods, chopped and refined easing work for you. But did you know? These processed foods are the biggest foes of your health. Loaded with unhealthy fats, high sugar, artificial additives and preservatives, processed foods are robbed of all nutrition content.

Though most of the foods we eat at this point are processed in some form or the other. But there are some processed foods you should definitely avoid. We have lined up the top six processed foods you should avoid. Be sure to strike them off your list next time you go for grocery shopping.


1. Processed meats

Processed meats like bacon, salamis and sausages are all termed as carcinogenic to humans by the World Health Organization. It also said that processed meats are bad enough to affect you with colorectal cancer. But you need not quit your favourite bacon altogether, just limit the consumption to once a week.

2. Ketchup

Who doesn’t love tomato ketchup! It is tomato sauce, made from fresh tomatoes, a very healthy fruit. So why avoid it? This processed food item should be the first one you should eliminate from your pantry. With copious amounts of sugar which can be addictive and very harmful for you.

3. Pasta, pizza sauce

Simply put, we are referring to the all time favourite marinara sauce. It is so convenient to just add a few spoons of marinara sauce to your pastas and pizzas and be done with it. But this is something you should not do. Marinara is full of emulsifiers and preservatives which you should never subject your body to. So next time you go grocery shopping, rule out this processed food from your list.

4. Refined flour, white rice and other grains

While shopping for groceries, be sure to avoid the processed forms completely, or look for the least processed items. If you like chapattis, pick wheat flour in the least processed forms. Avoid refined flours and white rice. Pick brown rice instead. Even for buckwheat and quinoa, look for the least processed items.

5. Microwave popcorn

Popcorn is that one snack which is known for a good health value. But when you microwave them, the nutritional value is gone. The chemical Perfluoroalkyls are just one class chemicals in popcorn bags which can lead to kidney diseases.

6. Margarine

The healthier alternative of butter isn’t healthy anymore. The truth about this is the fact that margarine contains Trans fats which are unhealthy fats. Be sure to avoid this processed food to prevent you from risk of stroke or heart disease.