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Three drinks to avoid to banish the stubborn body fat

Subcutaneous fat isn’t considered as hazardous to a person’s health as visceral fat but having too much does come with health risks. A small level of subcutaneous fat is considered normal, but depending on your genetics and poor lifestyle choices your levels may start to increase. So what can you do to get rid of it?

Because too much subcutaneous fat can be caused by consuming the wrong food and drink, one of the first things you should do is make changes to your diet, wrote.

Alongside eating five fruit and vegetables a day, wholegrain, protein, some dairy and unsaturated fats, the NHS recommends you drink plenty of fluids — in particular six to eight glasses of fluid day.

While water is the healthiest choicer staying hydrated, there are three drinks you should look to avoid:

• Teas
• Juice
• Sports drinks

This is because these drinks are considered sweetened beverages, meaning they contain added sugar.

The calories and sugar found in sweetened beverages can add up and cause you to gain fat around your waistline.

One study, titled ‘Sugar-Sweetened and diet beverages in relation to visceral adipose tissue’, showed a higher intake of sugar-sweetened beverages is linked to weight gain, specifically in the abdominal area.

Liquid calories also don’t have the same effect on hunger as solid food, which means it is a lot easier to drink an excessive number of calories.

When it comes to what foods to eat, adding more high-quality protein to your meals can help you lose subcutaneous fat and maintain a healthy weight.

This is because protein helps keep you full between meals and may also help you reduce the urge to snack.

In a study titled ‘Increased protein intake and meal frequency reduces abdominal fat during energy balance and energy deficit’ it was found diets rich in protein are more effective at reducing belly fat than diets low in protein.

Seven foods which are high in protein include:

• Eggs
• Poultry
• Lean meats
• Seafood
• Nuts
• Seeds
• Legumes