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Those talking about autonomy are enemies of Kashmir: Rasheed

Srinagar, Jan 25: Speaking during a seminar organized by Awami Itihaad Party at Handwara on Friday in solidarity with the “martyrs” of January 25, 1990, Er Rasheed said that though we are all pained for not getting the justice but every colonial power has been using the methodology of denying justice to victims, humiliating them and justifying their sufferings.

In a press release issued here, Rasheed while addressing a gathering at Handwara said that why should Kashmiris reconcile if security agencies intelligence agencies, goons, fringe and radical elements have been getting liberty since decades to throw their anger against Kashmiris.


He said by denying justice to victims of Handwara massacre New Delhi has brought a bad name to its reputation and its claims of being a country run through rule of law carry no weight.

Rejecting autonomy and other proposals as a resolution to seventy years long Kashmir dispute Rasheed reiterated that any attempt to dilute UN resolutions will harm Kashmiri and will create nothing except confusions.

Rasheed added that those talking about autonomy are enemies of Kashmiris. It is shameful that mainstream parties have offered their services without any conditions to Delhi just to grab “power” and thus ensure a delay to the seventy-year-long dispute.