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These 6 Unknown Causes Of Back Pain Will Leave You Shocked

Majority of people have had back pain at some point in their lives. It is a common pain which is experienced most of the time among people in desk jobs or those who are physically inactive and don’t exercise regularly. The origin of the pain is often unknown. Disc disease, spinal arthritis and muscle spams are the most common causes of lower back pain. In order to understand more about the implications of back pain, we will talk about 7 unknown causes of back pain in this article. Keep reading…

There are 3 kinds of back pain:


1. Upper back pain

2. Middle back pain

3. Lower back pain

Below are some causes of back pain you did not know about:

1. Smoking: Back pain has been observed more among smokers than non-smokers. Smoking has been found to cause severe back aches. Smoking results in increase degeneration of spine and not many smokers realise this. Weakening of disc is known as degeneration of disc. While ageing playing a vital role in degeneration of disc, smoking accelerates the process, which leads to severe back aches. Presence of nicotine in cigarettes causes toxic damage to the spine.

2. Stress: Taking excessive stress can cause back aches. Stressing too much may begin to tense your back muscles, which triggers low back pain or even worsen it with time. Stress and low back together creates a vicious circle, which begins lower back muscles to tense and pain.

3. During/after spin class: You can experience lower back pain during or after your spin class. Lower back pain can happen due to several reasons during or after your spin class. The pain caused due to cycling can be caused due to several different factors like: poor form of the cycle, improper bike setup or overuse of muscles while cycling. These pains can be prevented by not being too hard on yourself while working out, and by doing stretching exercises.

4. Obesity: The spine is designed in such a way that it can carry body’s weight and distributes it evenly throughout the body. Being overweight or obese can make the spine work harder to take on the extra weight of the body, which eventually ends up being damaged and causes pain.

5. Difference in length of legs: It has been found that people who have differences in their legs can experience back pain. People with even a slight difference of 5 mm in the lengths of their legs may have pain in their back on the side of the longer leg. But people have experienced better results in back pain after putting “lifts” in the shoe on the shorter side of their leg.

6. Ligament injuries: Muscle or ligament injuries which are linked to back muscles can be the main cause of pain in back. The pain spreads more around the spine and back muscles causing an unbearable back pain.