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Suffering From Peripheral Neuropathy? Try These Natural Remedies To Reduce Pain And Numbness

Any kind of weakness, pain or numbness in extremities in the hands or feet can lead to peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral nerves in the brain and spinal cord are responsible for sending messages to the rest of the body. Any damage to these peripheral nerves interrupts these messages. This in turn affects how your body responds to temperature, pain and other reflexes. Infections, alcohol abuse, traumatic injuries and diabetes are some of the top causes of such damage to peripheral nerves. Peripheral neuropathy can either develop suddenly or spread slowly over time. Its treatment depends on what caused it.
Natural remedies for peripheral neuropathy:
1. Exercise
Exercise if the go-to remedy for numerous health conditions. People suffering from peripheral neuropathy can benefit from regular exercise as it helps in combatting pain and improving overall health of a person. Exercising improves blood flow to arms, legs and reduces stress.
2. Acupuncture
Acupuncture is a process which facilitates natural healing by stimulating pressure points in the body. It triggers the nervous system to release chemicals which change experience of pain.
3. Quit smoking
Almost all health conditions have smoking as a causative factor. Blood circulation is widely affected by smoking. It narrows the blood vessels. People with peripheral neuropathy can experience more numbness and pain from smoking. Here are some effective ways to quit smoking.
4. Essential oils
Pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils can be helpful for people suffering from peripheral neuropathy. Essential oils can boost the healing process as well. But make sure you dilute essential oils in other oils like olive oil or coconut oil. They can help in reducing tingling and stinging pain caused by peripheral neuropathy.
5. Warm bath
A warm bath can go a long way in terms of helping people with peripheral neuropathy. It helps in alleviating symptoms of pain. Warm water increases blood circulation in the body and decreases the pain which numbness causes.
6. Pepper
Cayenne pepper or red chilli powder contains capsaicin – which is an ingredient in hot peppers which makes them spicy. Capsaicin is an ingredient commonly used in topical creams for its pain relief properties. This ingredient helps in reducing intensity of pain signals sent through the body. Cayenne pepper should be taken as a remedy for peripheral neuropathy only under the supervision of a doctor.
Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy:
Motor nerves, sensory nerves and automatic nerves are the three kinds of nerves.
Damage to the motor nerves may lead to weakness in the muscles. A person suffering from peripheral neuropathy may experience difficulty in moving arms or legs along with muscle spasms. They also experience reduction in their reflexes.
If peripheral neuropathy affects sensory nerves, it may cause sensitivity to touch along with decreased sensation. A person may be unable to feel changes in temperature in the body or pain on exposure to something hot and cold. There is also a loss of reflexes and coordination.
When peripheral neuropathy affects automatic nerves, it may cause vomiting, dizziness while standing, nausea and excessive sweating. A person may lose the ability to control bowel and bladder functions and may also experience irregular heart rate along with difficulty in swallowing.