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Suffering From Acute Pancreatitis? Here Are Some Best And Worst Foods You Should Know

Pancreatitis is a chronic condition when your pancreas become swollen or inflamed. This condition is called pancreatitis. In cases of acute pancreatitis, pancreas inflammation is often triggered by gallstones. Your pancreas helps you to regulate the way that your body processes sugar. Pancreas also play a key role in releasing enzymes and helping you digest your food. Pancreas are closely related to your digestive process, hence it becomes important as to what you choose to eat.There are certain foods you can eat to protect and which can even help you to heal your pancreas. If you are recovering from acute or chronic pancreatitis you should avoid drinking alcohol, quit smoking and focus on eating a low-fat diet that would not inflame your pancreas. Also you should always stay hydrated.
Here are some diet tips to follow if you have pancreatitis:
1. Low- fat diet:
If you are suffering from chronic pancreatitis then avoid fatty foods like canned fish, creamy soups, pasta, chocolates, buttered foods, salmon and fatty fish. Instead you should chose foods like whole grains, yogurt, low-fat milk.
2. Fruits and vegetables:
Fresh and seasonal fruits and dark, green leafy vegetables are a must in your diet when you have pancreatitis. It is better to have them either steamed or in soups. Also avoid vegetables that are prepared with a heavy cheese,oil or sauce.
3. Proteins:
High-fat or processed meats, pork, beef, sausages, chicken, nuts and seeds are not recommended if you are suffering from pancreatitis. Instead get protein from lean meats, oats, milk, yogurt, beans and eggs. You can also go for healthier cooking options like bake, grill or steam to avoid adding on to the fat while cooking.
4. Light meals:
The important thing to remember while healing your pancreas is eating light meals. Instead of eating three heavy meals go for four to five light meals. Also chose foods that are easy to digest and chew your food properly.
Foods you should avoid if you have pancreatitis:
1. Breads:
In case of pancreatitis, avoid breads or grains with a high fat content as they may be difficult for your body to digest. Instead, select whole-grain foods such as brown rice, brown bread, pasta, hot cereals.
2. Alcohol:
Alcoholic beverages are a complete no when you have pancreatitis. It may worsen your symptoms . Avoid any type of beer, wine or liquor. Instead you can replace with milk, yogurt, fresh juices, lime water, herbal tea, coffee to keep yourself hydrated.
3. Sugary stuff:
Avoid sweets and desserts from your diet. Foods like cookies, cakes, pie, donuts, brownies and ice cream have a lot of added fat. They are made up of whole milk, oil, heavy whipping cream or large amounts of butter which may be harmful for your health.
4. Refined carbohydrates:
Refined carbohydrates can lead to the pancreas releasing larger amounts of insulin. Foods that are high in sugar can also raise triglycerides. High triglyceride levels are associated with acute pancreatitis. Therefore, you should avoid foods like sodas, breakfast cereal, processed or frozen foods.