`Spreading Allah’s message’: Forget `shrini’, this artist distributes Quranic calligraphy for free at Kashmir shrines

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Srinagar: Forget ‘tehri’ and, ‘shirni’,  a young woman artist is distributing Quranic calligraphy free of cost at Kashmir shrines to spread the word of Allah.

During Urs or other occasions of religious significance, Snowber Jan can be seen distributing her calligraphic works of the surahs and verses of the Holy Quran. Though calligraphic works are sold at a price in the markets, she distributes her art-works free of charge.

Snowber, who hails from Maloora, Shalteng, said her main aim is to spread the message of the Quran so that the people start following the teachings of Islam.

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“My aim is to spread the message of the Holy Quran and inspire other youngsters to take up calligraphy and also follow the teachings of Islam. I solely do Quranic calligraphy. I usually distribute Quranic surahs and verses like Ayat-ul-Kursi, Char Qul, Surah Fatiha, etc whenever there is a Urs or a religious congregation. For example, I recently distributed my calligraphic works at Dargah Hazratbal on the occasion of Eid-i-Milad. Before that, I have distributed the same at other shrines on occasions like the Urs of Peer Dastagir sahib,” Snowber told The Kashmir Monitor.

Snowber, who is a health worker at a city-based hospital, said she was a self-taught artist and would love to take up calligraphy as a profession.

“I am a self-taught calligrapher. I started doing calligraphy around three years back. Though I am a health worker, my heart lies with calligraphy. I do not do calligraphy for money as of now but I wish I could take it up as a profession. If I get a job where I will have to do calligraphy only, I will quit my present job,” she said.

She said her aim was to handwrite the Quran in her own calligraphic style. “I also want to handwrite the entire Quran Sharif. This is my aim and InshaAllah I hope to accomplish it one day,” said Snowber.

Her act has impressed the devotees that visit the shrines in Kashmir. “I was so impressed to see this young girl at Dargah recently when I saw her distributing beautiful calligraphic works among devotees. It was a heart-warming gesture and makes us feel proud,” said a devotee.

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