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Snow related accidents surge in last three days

Srinagar, Jan 16: When 50 year old Kupwara resident Abdul Rehman (name changed) ventured out of the house to buy groceries, little did he know that a calamity was awaiting him. As he entered the gate, a huge chunk of snow fell off the roof resulting in a fracture in his left leg.

“Within seconds my world blacked out. I lost my balance and ended up with a femur bone fracture and several cuts on my hands and nose,” Rehman said.


What made the things worse was that the roads in his vicinity were not cleared off snow. The family found it difficult to ferry him to the Government Bone and Joints Hospital, Barazulla.

“After toiling hard, my sons managed to evacuate me to the hospital. It was twilight when we reached here. Doctors told me that I might need to be operated upon for the major bone fracture,” he said.

Similarly, Shaheen, 35, a resident of Srinagar’s Old City, slipped on the frozen snow and suffered a fracture in her lower leg.

“I slipped on the frozen ice accumulated on the floor tiles. I had such a bad fall and felt a stab of pain in my lower leg. Later, after undergoing several tests and X-rays at  Bones and Joint Hospital, I was diagnosed with a tibia bone fracture,” she said.

This recent snowfall has not only caused huge destruction to life and property but has also resulted in significant injures to people.

According to the official data, 84 patients with snow related injuries have been reported to the Bone and Joints Hospital, Barazulla since January 13.

 “This includes injuries due to road traffic accidents, snow slips, multiple fractures, forearm wrist fractures and hip fractures,” said Dr Suhail Sultan, Medical Superintendent of Bone and Joints Hospital.

A doctor posted at the Bone and Joints Hospital said preventive measures need to be taken to avoid a significant fall on snow.  “We should walk cautiously on slippery surfaces. Also, proper shoes with metallic tracts can help prevent a fall on snow,” he said.

He said in many cases patients with life threatening injuries are directly brought to the Bone & Joints Hospital, which should not be the case. “They should be first taken to the tertiary care Hospitals to address the major injuries,” he added.