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Sehrai anguished over ‘torturing’ of residents G’bal residents


Srinagar, Nov 11: Chairman Tehreek-e-Hurriyat (TeH), Mohammad Ashraf Sehraie pained and anguished over the inhuman and brazen ransacking, vandalism and torturing the inhabitants of Alastang, Shuhaama in Ganderbal district.

In a statement, Sehraie strongly condemned such mayhem where forces barged into the residential houses during the midnight and vandalized properties and torturing population and who so ever come on their way, under the grab of so-called search and operation is brutal and barbaric act.


He said that the government forces unleashed “reign of terror” in entire Kashmir clearly indicated that the government of India in collaboration with local stooges has declared a war on defense less Kashmiris.

Sehraie said by creating a such a war situation, India can’t burry Kashmir issue nor exemplary sacrifices but to concede right to self-determination of the people of Kashmir sooner or later.

He said forced created havoc in Alastang where old, young threatened and called on to report in forces camps, where they have been brutalized and tortured mercilessly. Every day on one pretext or other in order to intimidate and harass people in general so as to compel them to surrender their most precious and fundamental right ‘right to self-determination’, said Sehraie in a statement.

He said the way innocent population and youth in particular are targeted and deprived of their lives or personnel freedom by merciless forces clearly depict the forces hatred and enmity against the oppressed Kashmiris. This behavior is quit inhuman, brutal and barbaric, which disregards every legal safeguard available to a human being under the civilized legal system.

Condemning what Sehraie termed forces action in the said area with a such brute force indicated that India lost war in Kashmir, which frustrated establishment and to reduce them such a extent.

Strongly condemned the arresting CUK students, Sehraie said India deliberately pushed our youth to wall to pave a way for slow genocide and extreme suffocation. He also said arresting and intimidation is a ploy within and outside Kashmir students to finish their academic carrier simultaneously. Sehraie demanded immediate release of these students and to stop fabricate them in factious charges.