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Tuesday, April 16th 2024
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‘Run for Democracy’: Awareness rally held in city

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Awareness Rally Run for Democracy under ongoing SVEEP campaign held in Srinagar 1

SRINAGAR: On the directions of the District Election Officer (DEO) Srinagar, Dr. Bilal Mohi-ud-Din Bhat an awareness Rally, “Run for Democracy,” under ongoing SVEEP campaign was organized here today.

The event under the supervision of Nodal Officer SVEEP/AMF Abdul Hamid Fani was held at Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Kothibagh, to instill a sense of responsibility and educate the public, particularly students, about the significance of exercising their vote in a thriving democracy.

The initiative, named “Run for Democracy,” brought together a diverse group of participants, including District Education Planning Officer Ms. Anjum Raja, teachers from different education zones, and community members.”

The main objective of the “Run for Democracy” awareness rally was to emphasize the importance of democratic participation and the impact individuals can have through casting their votes.

The event particularly targeted students, aiming to educate them on the significance of exercising their right to vote in a flourishing democracy like India.

During the Rally participants enthusiastically raised awareness by chanting slogans highlighting the value of each citizen’s vote. The rally served as a platform to motivate and empower the youth, encouraging them to become active contributors to the democratic process. It aimed to nurture a sense of responsibility among the participants and inspire them to make informed choices in electing their representatives.

The District Election Officer Srinagar applauded the organizers for the conduct of the Awareness Rally and said It is very important in democratic setup that each individual realizes the significance of their vote and actively exercises it.

On the occasion, Nodal Officer SVEEP/AMF Srinagar, said the  awareness rally was organised to engage and educate our community members. Through initiatives like this, we aspire to foster a culture of active participation and responsible citizenship among the people, particularly the students.