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‘Purely for the sake of Allah’: Kashmir youth handwrites Holy Qur’an in 58 days


Srinagar: For the past two months, Adil Nabi Mir from the Ishbar area would rarely move out of his house. He would spend six to seven hours writing the verses of the Holy Qur’an. Mir finally completed writing the Holy Book in 58 days.

Mir is aware that others have completed writing the Holy Qur’an in much lesser time and that there are better calligraphic manuscripts available.


However, Mir said he wrote the Qur’an in his handwriting purely for the ‘sake of Allah’ and to inspire the youth to follow Islamic teachings.


“I got this idea from social media as I used to see people writing the Holy Book in one, three, or six months. I wrote this purely for the sake of Allah…and so that the youth get inspired and stay away from social evils like drug abuse. It pains me a lot when I see bottles of liquor on the Foreshore Road. I don’t want to target anyone but I want the youth to stay away from addiction and do good. It is not my intention that others should write the Holy Qur’an too but I want the youth to follow Islamic teachings,” Mir told The Kashmir Monitor.

Coming from a humble background, Mir’s father is a mason. Mir said he received a lot of encouragement from his father and other family members.


“I started writing from January 27, 2021, and it took me 58 days to complete the work. I used to wonder if I will complete it or not. I used to write in my free time and spend 6-7 hours doing this. My fingers would ache a lot but I persisted. It required a lot of patience. My parents and sisters supported me a lot. I would rarely move out of the house barring visits to the mosque. My friends used to ask why I am not coming out. But, I thought I would tell them only once I complete the work. Now, my family and my relatives are proud of me,” he added.

Mir said he now wanted to learn calligraphy and attract people towards Islamic teachings.