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Private schools not following SIE curriculum

Srinagar, Sep 26: Majority of the private schools in the valley are not following the State Institute of Education (SIE) curriculum for their lower class, overburdening the students.
The SIE frames syllabi for classes 1st to 9th.
However, most schools, including the reputed ones, do not follow the syllabi.
Educationist, B A Dar said, “Syllabus for various classes is framed by NCERT, CBSE, other bodies. Every school has to follow it.”
“The per-primary kids should not be overburdened with the rocket science lessons. There shall be more out-of-classroom activities to help them gain exposure. The SIE syllabus ensures the kids get basic knowledge of the things,” said Dar.
Convener Parents Association of Privately Administered Schools, Asma Goni, said, “The syllabi framed by the Private schools for their lower classes do not provide basic skills and moral education to the children.”
She said her kids studied in a “reputed missionary school” where the prescribed books and the syllabus didn’t match.
“The syllabus taught to the lower classes is totally irrelevant. It is overburdening the kids with extra knowledge not needed in a particular class,” she said.
She said every school teaches its nursery students to draw lines.
“After six months, they abruptly introduce them with sentence framing, words remembering, writing essays and writing question answers that becomes a burden for a 4-year-old kid,” she said.
She said that up to class 1st, there should not be too much of writing exercises.
Basic, moral education and creative art should be included in the syllabus.
Apart from the basic subjects (English, Urdu and Math) the schools introduce extra subjects’ right from the nursery classes like Science, Social Science, General knowledge, Islamic Studies, computers and Arabic which made their bags heavy and minds confused, added Asma.
Local private schools also disobey the rules prescribed by the SIE for framing the syllabus.
One of the local schools at NawaBazar area of old city, has framed the syllabus for KG classes in which the four year old kid is supposed to write essays on ‘cow’ and ‘myself’ in English when he doesn’t know sentence building.
His parents said they complained many a times to the school authority, but in vain.
Joint Director School Education Department, Abid Hussain, said, “I don’t have any information about it. State Institute of Education is authorised to speak on the issue.”
Principal SIE, Mehboob Hussian, said, “We have framed syllabus uniformly for every private and government school and it is mandatory for every school in the valley to fallow it.”
He said that monitoring is not done by their institute; it has to be done by the directorate itself. “We give training to teachers and give advises and suggestions to the Education Department.”