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PM’s disruption definition is Oppn shouldn’t raise issues with which govt disagrees: Cong


New Delhi: The Congress on Thursday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “definition” of disruption is that the opposition should not raise anything with which the government disagrees.
Congress spokesperson and senior leader AM Singhvi, when asked for his comments on the Prime Minister’s remarks about disruptions in Parliament, said the whole nation knows that the Houses were running perfectly without interruption.
Modi, while speaking at an event at the central hall of Parliament, said, “Sadly, when there is noise and chaos in the House, MPs are not able to speak and the loss is of the entire nation.”
“Government has the least to lose due to din in Parliament. It is the country which loses the most,” the Prime Minister said.
The Congress leader said, “Indeed, last time in the last session, the sabotage and the interruption came from the government when the no-confidence was to be moved. This time there was absolutely no disruption, but the prime minister’s definition of disruption is that the opposition should not raise anything with which the government disagrees.”
“We are raising the issue, not of NRC (Assam’s National Register of Citizens), but of exclusion of genuine Indian citizens, Hindus and Muslims alike. Now, if you don’t like that issue you cannot say why the House is disrupted. you did not allow proper discussion,” Singhvi said.
He said the Congress was “very much for” genuine Indian citizens to be included and “non-genuine non-citizens” to be excluded in Assam’s NRC, but that does not mean that “there is arbitrary exclusion”.
Names of over 40 lakh people in Assam do not figure in the draft NRC, which is being prepared to identify illegal migrants in the state.
The second draft of the NRC was published in Guwahati earlier this week.
Opposition Congress and TMC has stalled the functioning of the Rajya Sabha for two days over the issue.