Planning a Kashmir trip? Here are the 10 things a tourist must carry during winters in the valley

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Srinagar: Winter months in the Kashmir valley are very harsh and double-digit sub-zero minimum temperatures are a norm.  If you are planning a trip to the Valley this season, then make sure you carry the following things in your suitcase:

1.    Padded and hooded jacket

A light jacket will be enough to protect you against the cold during winters in Jammu city. But, if you come to Kashmir in the peak of winter, make sure you carry a thick padded and hooded jacket.

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It will come in handy especially during the morning and evening hours. It is a must if you are planning a visit to ski resort Gulmarg in North Kashmir, which is the hub of winter tourism in the Valley.

2.    Moisturiser/ cold cream

Cold weather can turn your skin dry and make sure to use moisturisers and cold cream in the mornings and evenings.

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Also, make sure to carry a lip balm. The use of moisturisers is a must especially after a bath to avoid your skin turning dry due to extreme cold.

3.    Sunglasses/ sunscreen

Tourist spots like Gulmarg are fully covered with snow during the Kashmir winters. And since Gulmarg is a high altitude place, it mostly remains sunny when there is no fresh snowfall.


Therefore, sunglasses are very important and not using the same can cause snow blindness especially for those who have not seen snow before. You may not need it during snowfall or when the day is dull and gloomy, sunscreen is a must too at places like Gulmarg when the sun is out.

4.    Warm and ankle-high shoes

If you want to play or walk in snow, having thick and long boots is a must. Even otherwise too, warm and ankle-high shoes are a must in Kashmir winters if you are on the move outdoors.


Besides protecting you from cold, these will help prevent frost bites. Also, make sure to wear woollen or thick socks with your boots.

5.    Thermal wears

Even jackets will not keep you warm if you are not wearing thermals underneath.

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Thermals for both the upper and lower body are a must during winter in Kashmir. Avoid the cotton thermals and wear the ones made of fleece.

6.    Sweaters

Woollen sweaters offer the perfect protection against cold temperatures. And when you are in double-digit minus temperatures, a sweater is the best thing to wear between your thermal and the jacket.


Also, make sure to wear a thick shirt under the sweater.

7.    Mufflers, caps and gloves

These accessories are a must even if you are wearing a hooded jacket. The hood of the jacket can make you uncomfortable if it is sunny during the day. That is when a woollen cap comes in. Sometimes, you will feel the need to remove your jacket during the day or when indoors.


A woollen cap and a muffler is the best thing then. Wearing gloves is a must too in the outdoors.

8.    Thermos

If you drink warm water in winters, do carry a thermos then. Taking sips of warm water throughout the day especially when outdoors is advisable in cold Kashmir winters.


It can also protect you from getting a sore throat. Make sure to fill it up with hot water when you leave your hotel in the morning.

9.    Torch

Though all smartphones have a torch, make sure your mobile has one too. Power cuts are a norm in Kashmir winters.


Your hotel will have a power backup but at times, it takes time to start a generator especially if you are staying at a budget hotel.

10. Medicine kit

Having a medicine kit is a must for any tourist whether he or she is travelling in summers or winters.


It is common to catch a cold or flu when you step out into sub-zero temperatures from your warm air-conditioned hotel rooms. Therefore, make sure your kit has the necessary medicines.

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