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Peaceful Yatra proves ‘studio rumour mongers’ wrong: Civil Society

Srinagar, Aug 28: As the Annual Amarnath Yatra came to an end on Sunday with nearly three Lakh yatries paying their obeisance at holy cave, all the rumours and propaganda that was broadcasted from various News Channels regarding its possible disruption proved hoax and “fake”.

The civil Society of Kashmir while expressing happiness over the culmination of Yatra peacefully said that Kashmiris would never harm neither tourists nor yatries.

Speaking to KNS, Senior Civil Society member Shakeel Qalander said that the Amarnath Yatra has been going on since ages and Kashmiris would always lend support and help to the Amarnath pilgrims. Mr. Qalander said that the Kashmiris would spend money from their own pockets to facilitate the pilgrimage of Sadhus and other pilgrims, he however regretted that the yatra has unfortunately now been politicized with an aim to malign Kashmiris. Qalander added the Yatra did not even need the security.

Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Hoteliers Club Mushtaq Ahmad Chaya said that despite negative perception and propaganda the yatra ended peacefully which is testimony to the fact that Kashmiri people are peace loving and have a special ability of hospitality.

Talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS), Chaya said that this is also a message to not only to the people of India but to the entire world that Kashmiris are peace loving and have a great tendency of hospitality. He urged the civil societies across the country to encourage people to prefer Kashmir as their first choice tourist destination and added that people to people contact remove the misconception and always bridge the gaps.

Muzaffar Shah, member of one of civil society said that the panelists and others who participated in the debates and discussions had spread poison through the news channels and portrayed bad image of Kashmir.

He, however said that as the Amarnath Yatra 2018 concluded peacefully, the people of Kashmir through the entire period not only exhibited the brotherhood and communal harmony but sent a clear message to the world that people of Kashmir are peace loving.

He said that those who portrayed wrong image of Kashmir through news channels should open their eyes to see the support, communal harmony and brotherhood of Kashmiris.

The civil Society of Kashmir while congratulating the Kashmiri Muslims for facilitating the smooth Yatra said that this was an eye opener for all those so called “Nationalist Propagandist TV anchors” who have been hell bent to create a communal divide in the country and use Kashmir as a tool for their own TRPs. But according to Civil Society members, these channels were doing a huge disservice to their own Nation by bringing the communities at logger heads. They wondered how government allows such propaganda on national TV.

The Civil Society of Kashmir has demanded a “credibility audit” of all National news Channels so that fake and baseless propaganda is stopped forthwith.