Paradise calling: Foreign skiers ‘super excited’ as Gulmarg gears up for ‘epic’ winter season post-Covid

M Aamir Khan

Srinagar: Come snow, skiers from different parts of the globe have started booking trips to Gulmarg.

Post-Covid 19, foreign skiers said they are ‘super excited’ to visit Gulmarg as they are sharing details of their itineraries and contacting others on social media.

“Hi everyone, I’m super excited to come to Gulmarg for the first time this winter…. We are all up for an adventure but I think it would be reassuring to know we are not the only non-Indian residents heading to Gulmarg this winter. Are there any Westerners or friends from Aus or NZ on here who will be heading out this winter?,” wrote Pete Perera from Australia on Facebook.

While Pete has booked a trip to Gulmarg in the coming January, his comment on the page ‘Gulmarg Avalanche Advisory’ triggered several responses from other foreign tourists, who are visiting Kashmir this winter.

“Will be there from 15th Jan till 15th march, we are a group of 4 kiwi instructors/ guides, happy to catch up for a drink! (sic)” commented Angus Winstone from New Zealand.

Another foreign skier Angus Winstone commented: “One of our team is a female and will be in Gulmarg. PM me for a chat (sic).”

Apart from intending tourists, foreign skiers that had visited Gulmarg in the past too are sharing their experiences of their Kashmir visits.

“I worked there for a winter a few years ago, and it said the same thing, but there are no issues there at all, never felt safer, you’ll have an amazing time over there and be welcomed by everyone you meet, it’s a unique experience and would advise to everyone (sic),” wrote Richard Hazelby from Canada.

Diana Cossar-Burgess from Australia commented: “I’m happy to chat, if you wish, also Aussie based. We went as a couple. The skiing is amazing, the hotels and food good (sic).”

While the admin of the ‘Gulmarg Avalanche Advisory’ announced that ‘2023 will be an epic winter season in Gulmarg’, an official of the Tourism Department echoed similar views and said they had already issued a notice for the engagement of a foreign snow safety officer.

“We are expecting lots of foreign skiers this season and we have already issued a notice for the engagement of a foreign snow safety officer. Apart from leading the ski patrol, the safety officer will train the local ski patrol team, and give advice regarding operations of ski-lift and skiing so that the resort is kept open for the maximum number of days,” the official said.

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