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Of All The Varieties Of Fish, These 5 Are The Healthiest!

One of the best low-calorie sources of protein, fish is one of the healthiest foods available and you should eat fish twice a week. Lean protein and omega 3 fatty acids in fish are good for heart and brain health. However, some varieties of fish might contain high levels of mercury in it which can be due to water pollution or any other cause. Anyhow, these pollutants are nothing but a serious health hazard for you. Nevertheless, when looking for a nutritious variety of fish, you must ensure that it contains low or no contaminants and is high in omega 3 fatty acids.
We have compiled a list of the top 5 healthiest varieties of fish for you. Take a look.
1. Wildly caught Alaskan salmon
All species of salmon thrive in Alaska due to its untouched resources. Alaskan water is subject to close monitoring, strict quotas and careful management. This is why Alaskan salmon is healthier and more sustainable as compared to all other forms of the fishery. Remember, the smaller and the younger the fish is, the lesser mercury it contains.
2. Sardines wildly caught from Pacific
There is a good reason why sardines from Pacific are making to a good position in the list of the healthiest foods in the world. Sardines are packed with 1950 mg of omega 3 fatty acids in every 3-ounce serving. To add to omega 3s, they are also one of the few foods rich in Vitamin D.
3. Atlantic mackerel
Atlantic mackerel is a strongly flavored fish with good levels of omega 3s and proteins. This one is a fast-growing fish which can handle a high amount of fishing easily. The fish tastes amazing with some strong spices. Remember, the smaller it is, the lesser mercury it contains.
4. Tuna
If you are looking for a quick and cheap low-fat source of protein, calcium, iron and vitamin B and D, canned tuna is what you are looking for. Skipjack variety of tuna is what we would recommend to everyone, even kids, and pregnant women. However, they are high in sodium. So if you are watching your sodium intake, make sure that you opt for a low sodium version of tuna.
5. Oysters
Oysters are packed with protein and omega 3s irrespective of whether they are steamed or raw. However, people with health conditions like AIDS or cancer should avoid oysters due to a likelihood of bacterial contamination.