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Negative Calorie Diet For Weight Loss: Top Negative Calorie Foods

Negative calorie foods are foods which are low in calories and can be eaten guilt-free. Weight loss might sound easy. But at times, a person struggles to lose weight despite eating healthy and exercising regularly. In case this is the situation which you are going through right now, you can opt for the negative calorie diet or the diet which involves eating food which are low in calories. These low-calorie foods help in burning calories while you eat them. They can help in weight loss as you end up burning more calories than you consume.
What are negative calorie foods?
Negative calorie food is the one which requires more calories to be eaten, digested and processed, as compared to the calories it contains and gives to your body. Ideally, eating negative calories means using calories in eating and digesting them. Commonly, foods with high water content are considered to be negative calorie foods. Wondering what these low-calorie or negative calorie foods are? Keep reading…
Top foods to be included in a negative calorie diet:
1. Watermelons
Watermelons are popular summer fruit. Apart from being delicious, watermelons are great for weight loss since they are low in calories. What’s more is that watermelons contain lycopene – a compound which is good for heart health. Watermelons can help in improving blood flow in the body and also improve immunity.
2. Apples
Apples are not only amazing for health but are also good for weight loss. Apples are a rich source of fibre and are also low in calories. In order to include apples in your negative calorie diet for weight loss, make sure you eat them with the skin. Apple skin contains only 50 calories per 100 gms. Also, pectin in apples aid weight loss and helps in improving digestion.
3. Broccoli
Broccoli is a popular food item when it comes to a weight loss diet. The reason behind this is that broccoli is low in calories and contains lots of fibre and antioxidants which are good for health. Broccoli can easily be included in a negative calorie diet for weight loss.
4. Spinach
Health benefits of leafy green vegetables like spinach are many. Not only is spinach a great food to be included in negative calorie diet for weight loss, it is also a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin K and other important vitamins and minerals.
5. Carrots
1 cup of carrots (approximately 100 gms) contain nothing more than 14 calories. Carrots have 95% water content. Carrots are an excellent food to be included in a negative calorie diet for weight loss. Carrots are also rich in fibre, antioxidants, potassium and Vitamin K. Carrots are also good for eye health and help in regulating cholesterol levels in the body.
While negative calorie diet may help you lose weight, make sure you don’t compromise on your health. Take breaks and resort to eating healthy and nutritious foods even if you are on a weight loss regime.