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Mental health problems rampant at workplace: Study

According to a survey carried out by the mental health charity Mind, that took into account 44,000 people, half of all employees are struggling with poor mental health. According to a report in BBC, it has also been deduced that only half of them, those who suffer from anxiety, and stress inform their employer about it. More often than not, it is the fear of losing the job, or shame that prevents them from talking about their mental health. Mind is based in England and Wales.
“I was dealing with complaints and helping people with queries. I’d had anxiety and depression as a teenager and the full-time job made me really anxious. I began to get shy and withdrawn, going more and more into myself, and I was worried about having a panic attack at work. Colleagues started to notice and eventually my boss wanted a word,” says Natalie Hunt who got her first job at the age of 18 and who found the task of working at a department store and taking care of customers stressful.
Not knowing what to do, she left the job and later took up an art course.
“I first started back in the workplace with a bit of voluntary work in a charity shop, which was great. Because it was voluntary and part-time, I didn’t feel pressured and it helped me regain some confidence. That was when I was 20. Now I run my own art classes for people with mental health conditions. It’s lovely to be making a difference,” she says.
According to Mind, every year, almost 300,000 people lose their job owing to mental health problems.
Mind has collaborated with The Royal Foundation, Heads Together and 11 other organisations and created an online portal to help both employees and employers with advice and information.
Apparently, workload along with difficult relationships with line managers adversely affects the mental health of employees.