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Mainstream political parties lash out at UP CM’s statement on Kashmir


Srinagar, Oct 30: A day after BJP leader and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath said that Hindus and Sikhs were no longer safe in Kashmir; the mainstream political parties in Jammu and Kashmir said that the statement has hurt the sentiments of people here.
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in a function had claimed that Hindus and Sikhs were safe in Kashmir till it was ruled by a Hindu king, but that was not the case today.
Talking to media, PDP chief spokesman, Rafi Ahmad Mir said that the statement made by UP CM will hurt the sentiments of people in the state thus can harm the communal harmony of Jammu and Kashmir.
Mir said that such statements would surely harm the communal harmony in JK as the statement hurt the sentiments of people. “I believe the statement he has made was totally distortion of facts and unfortunately the statement has been given by a CM whose party is ruling almost every state of the country at present,” he said.
He said that JK people and leadership always followed the secularism. Political wars were fought here but there was no communal war till date in the state. I believe such statements can harm the fabric of the country and people of JK get further alienated due to it,” he said.
He said that the people irrespective of their religions are equal in Jammu and Kashmir.
National Conference (NC) General Secretary, Ali Muhammad Sagar said that the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh should focus on the situation of his own state as the communal situation there has never taken place in other states. “He is trying to divert the attention from his state. JK doesn’t need anybody’s sermons. Kashmir is known for communal harmony and brotherhood, people of Kashmir showed communal harmony when people of Kashmir stood alert for the safety of Sikhs and Hindus and even ensured safety of minority with the toy weapons. People of Kashmir bore everything for the safety of minority,” he said.
He said that the Hindu rule in JK was very bad as compared to other rules in the state. “The statement he has made was only aimed to gain votes for the upcoming elections. I believe these statements will not harm the communal harmony as people belonging to minority are very much safe in JK,” he said.
Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) Vice-president and MLC, G N Monga said that it is their (BJP’s) agenda to touch the communal feelings. “At present they are touching the communal feelings here keeping in view of the upcoming parliamentary elections,” he said.
Monga said BJP do not know the history of JK. “People here were safe always but since BJP took over, they created a wedge and communal atmosphere here and now they want to cover it up,” he said, adding that the statement UP CM has made was nonsense on part of Yogi Adityanath, saying as being a CM he should not have made such statement. “What can we expect from him as their PM has also spoken such language,” he said while condemning UP CM’s statement.