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Low-Carb Diet May Improve Eyesight: 6 Health Benefits Of Low Carb Diets

While low-carb and ketogenic diets (high fat and protein diet) have been popular for their weight loss benefits, a new study reveals that these diets can be beneficial for eyesight as well. It can help with maintaining vision in glaucoma patients. Glaucoma is a progressive disease in which the cells which transmit visual information to the brain get damaged. This can result in vision loss and in extreme cases, it can result in blindness. Glaucoma is more prevalent in diabetics; this points towards a serious connection between Glaucoma and metabolic stress. The results of the study showed that a low-carb and high fat diet protects the retinal cells from degeneration. Though it requires more research, experts say that sticking to a ketogenic or low-carb diet can be helpful in maintaining vision in glaucoma patients.

Low-carbs have been around for a very long time. While some people believe that this diet might increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, others believe that it is the best way to lose weight quickly. Well, if you pick the right approach towards this diet it will help you lose weight. But low-carb diets benefit you in many other ways.

Here are 6 surprising health benefits of low-carb diets other than weight loss:

1. Kills hunger pangs

The worst effect of dieting is hunger pangs. This is because you drastically lower your calorie intake and deprives your body of the food it needs or has become used to. Low carb diets are about eating fats and proteins. Both these macronutrients are extremely filling and keep you stuffed for longer. This way it kills your hunger pangs and reduces your calorie intake.

2. Reduces belly fat first

Belly fat is downright unattractive, highly dangerous and is extremely difficult to get rid of. Fat in this part of your body determines your risk of a number of health conditions, heart diseases for example. One of the major benefits of a low carb diet is that it helps you get rid of belly fat first. It helps you lose weight much faster than other diet plans and most of that proportion comes from the belly. It also lowers your risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

3. Increases good cholesterol levels (HDL)

Some levels of cholesterol is important for your body. High density lipoprotein is the good cholesterol. HDL takes cholesterol from your body to the liver where it can be excreted or reused. A higher level of HDL is linked to lower risk of heart diseases. One of the best ways to increase good cholesterol levels is to eat healthy fats which are allowed in abundance in a low carb diet.

4. Decreases blood pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension, in no way, indicates a good state of health on your end. It could be indicative of serious health conditions. It could points towards increased risk of heart disease, kidney problems and stroke. Low carb diets help you lower blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of a number of diseases.

5. Fights metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome involves a number of conditions. It includes low HDL levels, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and abdominal obesity. All these factors contribute to a greater risk of heart diseases and other health complications. The best way to reduce the risk of such conditions is to switch to a low carb diet.

6. Triglycerides go away

Triglycerides are fat molecules. Too much of these fat molecules can increase your risk of heart diseases to a great extent. One of the major triggers of fat molecules in the body is carbohydrate intake. Carbs increase simple sugar fructose levels in your body. Therefore, the best way to reduce these fat molecules in the body is to go on a low carb diet.