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Local militants our own people, we need to talk to them: PDP leader

Srinagar, Feb 5: People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chief spokesperson and former MLA Rafi Ahmad Mir while addressing a meeting of party workers at Anantnag said that “local militants are our own people and we need to talk to them”.

In a statement issued , Mir said that iron fist policy of centre and its failure to deem Kashmir as a political issue has the educated youth to the wall, forcing them to take to extremes. He said that it’s dramatic that PM Modi one hands wants Democratic process and on the other hand they are not understanding that talks alone can heal the bruised psyche of the people.


Terming the claims of Prime Minister as a political tool to woo voters in mainland country, Mir said that Shutting down the entire Valley to sell development on papers to the country is the only policy Modi believes in, it’s ironic that innumerable opportunities were lost to address the Kashmir issue politically and now selling innocent killings in Kashmir is the only agenda Centre believes in, for return to power.

Mir said that PDP ensured a paradigm shift in Delhi’s policy by wounding its voter base only for larger public interest and the initiatives of Ramazan Ceasefire and withdrawing FIRs cannot be denied, he said that “the Centre must collectively understand that their actions and myopic vision on Kashmir has pushed the people to wall “, Mir said.