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KCCI protests against Shopian killings

Srinagar, Apr 02: Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (KCC&I) Monday expressed its grief and sorrow over the bloodshed in Shopian and Anantnag on Sunday.
“It seems that decision makers for such operations do not preempt the post operation consequences and repercussions which ultimately result in horror inflicted upon the people of Kashmir as whole it is why the people in Kashmir have been advocating the removal of AFSPA that gives unquestionable power to security personals while handing these operations,” KCC&I said in a statement.
The forces, the statement said, knowing well the whereabouts of these militants choose a civilian as human shield who reportedly later got killed and what later followed was a brute force in which scores of civilians were hit by pellet and bullet injuries who had been protesting against the civilian killing.
“The trend practiced by the security forces for past several years by using innocent civilians as human shields is inhuman and unacceptable by any standards and thus defying the very virtues of Sop’s that are followed elsewhere and gravely violated in Kashmir,” the statement added.
KCC&I has been continuously demanding that no solution lies in using unbridled powers against civilian population resulting in more casualties, it said.
“KCC&I reiterates its demand to stop further bloodshed, removal of draconian laws forthwith and start of unconditional continuous dialogue between all stake holders for the peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue,” the statement said.