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Is sparkling water bad for your health? Find out here

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Are you someone who prefers to have sparkling water on a daily basis rather than natural water? Well, there’s some bad news for you. Carbonated drinks are not good for your teeth due to the presence of bubbles, which is actually a product of carbon dioxide. When we drink sparkling water, it is converted to carbonic acid, thus making it acidic in nature. Acid is known to wear, deteriorate enamel and cause destruction of the teeth.

Although the saliva in the mouth helps neutralise the effects of acid in the drink, actually consuming sparkling water regularly can lead to problems. Also, if you have a dry mouth, drinking sparkling water should be a big NO. However, if need be, you can opt to drink it with meals as during this time, the saliva tends to flow.


But regular water should never be replaced with carbonated water or drinks.

Because of the presence of carbon dioxide, it can also lead to weight gain as it can make your stomach feel empty and trigger your hunger hormones.

According to a study, conducted by the Birzeit University in the Palestinian West Bank, they found that carbon dioxide in the drinks encouraged one to eat more. The experiment was conducted on rats.

“Rats that consumed carbonated beverages over a period of approximately one year gained weight at a faster rate than controlled rats that were given flat beverages or tap water, due to elevated levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin and a resulting greater food intake. The study showed an increase in liver lipid accumulation among rats treated with carbonated drinks as opposed to control rats treated with flat beverages or tap water.”

So the next time you reach out for sparkling water, think again.