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  Intents of GoI, Hurriyat matter the most: Naeem

Srinagar, May 30: Senior PDP minister and government spokesman Naeem Akhtar on Wednesday said that Kashmiris have not to take recourse to technicalities but they have to try to find a solution to Kashmir issue.

Akhtar said “Intentions of Government of India and intents of Hurriyat matter the most. If we expect Government of India to go out of way then we also have to climb to that level for a dignified solution to the Kashmir issue.”


Saying that Kashmir is hit hard and hurt by the current tragedy, Akhtar said “Kashmiris have to try to find a way. We cannot expect a solution to come first and dialogue process or peace to follow, but it is our urgent requirement to find a solution.”

In reply to a question on response of Joint Resistance Leadership to the talks offer, Akhtar said “I cannot pass on any judgment over what Hurriyat has said but I will appeal all including Hurriyat to try to find a way to get Kashmir out of the tragedy.”

In reply to a question on the remark of Deputy Chief Minister Kavinder Gupta who in a statement has claimed the right over other part of Kashmir presently administered by Pakistan, Akhtar said “BJP has its own stated position on Kashmir and we have our own but what matters is the strong message for dialogue and peace that has come from the Prime Minister and Home Minister of the country. If we fail to respond, we will be failing our own people.” (KNS)