Photo (KM/Umar Ganie)

By Umar Ganie

Srinagar: Remember the Kashmiri phrase ‘insanov seeth cha shoob’ (humans bring the decorum). These days as people have to stay indoors, some of the famous places around the world are deserted, forlorn, empty: aesthetics bereft of aesthetes.

Here in Kashmir too, as the spring beckons us to come out and enjoy the beauty of nature, the coronavirus pandemic forces us to stay indoors for the sake of our lives and of those around us. Among many scenic spots deserted these days is the famous Tulip Garden, which is thrown open for visitors for around a month during these days each year.

Though the garden is at its full bloom this year too, the absence of visitors is making the place a sullen space.

The Kashmir Monitor’s Umar Ganie visited the garden on Monday to bring back with him some beautiful frames minus the visitors. Enjoy, save and share the photos while staying safe by staying indoors.

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