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Indian rapper says Kashmiri youth needs medium to express their concerns

Srinagar, Aug 19: Famous Indian rapper and music composer, Badshah, Sunday said that the valley youth lacked medium to express their, which he believed can bring revolution when explored by them.

At a launching of a Radio station Radio Mirchi, Baadshah said that the protest rap by the youth here were the representation of the situation in Kashmir.

“I am happy to see that rap culture is spreading in Kashmir but it will be interesting to see its results. Rap is a voice. Here we see hartals and protests and the rap by the youth here is the representation of situation here,” he said.

“In 2010, I saw MC Kash performances and it was his first revolutionary rap. I was excited to see him but he then went Europe.  Youth should come forward and tell their stories,” he said.

Responding on negative perception against Kashmir across India, Baadshah said the valley was in need of good PR for image building.

“Even Bihar and Delhi is not safe. If an image building of Kashmir is done then people will come here. It personally feel Kashmir is a better place for destination wedding than Thailand,” he said.

The Bollywood rapper said that only cultural and art programmes can bring a positivity regarding Kashmir across the country.

“It has helped various nations across the world already. Social media can play a big role as the people can create content and post it on the social networking websites. Basically, Kashmir needs to do something for them,” he said.

Baadshah announced that he would shoot a video here in Kashmir in his upcoming project.

“We are planning to shoot a video here with Kashmir in backdrop. We want to tell people that place could have been anywhere but why Kashmir? Because it is beautiful,” he said.