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India suspends visas for travelers from 4 countries

New Delhi :A day after two fresh cases of coronavirus was reported in India, the Union health ministry on Tuesday issued a travel advisory suspending all regular visas/e-visas granted on or before March 3 to nationals of Italy, Iran, South Korea, Japan who have not yet entered India.

  The advisory also suspends visa on arrival issued by March 3 to Japan and South Korea nationals who have not yet entered India.


Those requiring to travel to India due to compelling reasons, may seek fresh visa from nearest Indian embassy/consulate, said the advisory which brought the suspension with immediate effect.

In view of the emerging global scenarios regarding COVID19, in supersession of all earlier advisories, the government issued the new travel advisory on Tuesday.

Regular (sticker) visa / e-Visa granted to nationals of China, issued on or before February 5 were suspended earlier. It shall remain in force.

Those needing to travel to India under compelling circumstances may apply for fresh visa to nearest Indian embassy/consulate.

The advisory said regular (sticker) visas/e-visas granted to all foreign nationals who have travelled to China, Iran, Italy, South Korea and Japan on or after February 1, and who have not yet entered India stand suspended with immediate effect.