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Include Nuts, Eggs And Beans In Your Diet To Gain Muscle Strength


Muscle health plays an important role in whole-body protein metabolism and prevents you from several chronic diseases. If you exercise daily or workout in the gym, it is important to maintain healthy muscles in order to avoid tears and strains. If your muscles are healthy, it will help you enhance your performance and allow you to strengthen your muscles. A good muscle health not only helps you in leading an active life but also a and healthy lifestyle. Hence, adequate intake of proteins is important for a good muscle health.

Here are some foods which you must include in your diet for muscle health:

1. Eggs: An egg is a rich source of proteins and versatile foods. It plays a vital role in providing a healthy diet for all; especially bodybuilders. Protein rich foods are extremely important in the process of muscle-building. Without proteins, your muscles will not grow. A bodybuilder’s diet must be much protein rich than the average persons. Eggs contain around 6 grams of high quality protein. Additionally,eggs are also a rich in vitamin A, vitamin K and a range of vitamin B such as B 12. Eggs also contain all eight essential amino acids needed for the optimum muscle recovery and valuable minerals like calcium, zinc and iron which are required for muscle growth.

2. Nuts: Nuts contain some amount of proteins, which help in building muscles along with some exercises that tax your muscles, like weightlifting or push ups. Eating nuts or other sources of protein sources immediately after your workout aids in muscle growth. Although nuts are not a complete protein as they lack some essential amino acids. But if you eat nuts along with legumes such such as beans it will form a complete protein. Nuts are high in fat and calories, therefore eating in multiple portions may lead to weight gain. You can always resort to tofu and egg whites, for adequate protein intake.

3. Beans: Beans are rich in essential vitamins and minerals important for overall health. Beans can be consumed to control weight as well as build muscles. Beans contain proteins, healthy carbohydrates and are low in fat. As an added benefit, they are low in sodium that keeps a check on your cholesterol levels making it a healthy option to add to your diet. Beans are also high in both soluble and insoluble fiber which fills up your stomach for longer duration, so that you consume fewer calories in your next meal. Some common examples of beans are kidney beans, lima beans, fava beans and soya beans.They are easily available and are simple to cook.