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If You Want To Lose Weight And Gain Health, Avoid These 5 So-Called Healthy Foods

National Nutrition Week 2018 is meant to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition and eating healthy for overall well-being. For losing weight and gaining health, you need to eat the right kind of foods, without excluding any major food groups from your diet. Eating healthy, locally-grown and natural foods are ideally going to be the best for losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way. But the weight loss industry has touted many foods as healthy and beneficial for losing weight. But in reality, these foods can actually harm your fitness routine.
Following is a list of some foods you must avoid for losing weight and gaining health:
1. Fruit juice
There is a lot of difference between including fruits in your diet for weight loss and including fruit juice in your diet for weight loss. Fruit juices are loaded with sugar and do not contain as much fibre as whole fruits do. For better nutrition and digestion, eat whole fruits instead of drinking fruit juices.
2. Brown bread
Many people make a switch from white bread to brown bread, thinking that the latter is the healthier one and can be included in weight loss diet. But there are chances that commercial brown bread has hidden sugar along with artificial colours in it. Also, brown bread might contain refined flour and yeast – which may dehydrate the body.
3. Diet soda
Diet sodas have nothing “diet” worthy in them. Including them in your diet might actual lead to weight gain. Artificial sweeteners in diet soda can affect body’s natural ability to regulate calorie intake based on sweetness of foods.
4. Protein bars
Protein bars might actually seem as if they are healthy and may help in curbing hunger pangs. However, these protein bars are often processed and filled with artificial ingredients and sugar. They can increase your caloric intake. You might end up working harder for losing weight by eating these protein bars.
5. Packaged soups
Packaged soups are surely easy to prepare. They are loaded with excessive salt and saturated fat which is anything but healthy for people who are trying to lose weight. Preparing soup from the scratch might take longer and a little more effort, but it is definitely going to help you lose weight.