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IF President attends AIDCA summit in Indore

Indore, Jan 21: Stressing that hate, violence, propaganda and character assassinations of individuals and organizations has taken a major share in reportage in media outlets, President Islamic Fraternity, Muhammad Aamir said that from Islamic perspective, the social responsibility which is commanding right and prohibiting wrong, is the basic principle of journalism that all Muslim journalists should practice in their professional life.

Speaking at the annual summit of All India Dawah Centers Association (AIDCA) at Indore, Madhya Pradesh (MP) where he was invited as the guest speaker, he said that there is a negligible presence of purely Islamic publications in Indian sub-continent and in Muslim nations which should be cause of concern for Muslims around the world.


Aamir, who was assigned to give a brief talk about Islam and Journalism, at the summit said that there is urgent need that Muslim journalists practice Islamic code of journalistic ethics to reduce tensions between individuals, groups and nations by providing a fair, accurate, and just account of domestic and world events.

“We must have our wire agencies to gather news, media institutions to train journalists with Islamic ethics and a worldwide and regional co-operation of Muslim journalists. Unfortunately,  the media outlets owned by Muslims are mostly dependent on news agencies run by non-Muslims, particularly who hold grudge against Muslims,” he said.

Briefing the participants about the Daw’ah activities and programs being organized in Kashmir by his organization, he said that Kashmir attracts a good number of non-Muslim tourists and it needs various Daw’ah initiatives to spread the word of Islam among them.

At the summit which was attended by famous Daiees from all the Indian states, he also highlighted the challenges that his Daw’ah programs face in Kashmir.

A panel discussion of several Daiees and advocates including Athar Khan & Advt. Faiz Syed, was also held during the summit where panellists answered the questions and cleared other concepts about Islam and Daw’ah activities.

At the conclusion, Aamir thanked president AIDCA, Imran Bin Khalil and other organizers, especially, Moinuddin Ibn Nasrullah for inviting and bestowing him with the honour to speak at the summit.