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How To Improve Protein Absorption In The Body? Health Coach Luke Coutinho Has The Answer

September 20, 2018

Despite increasing protein intake, many people are unable to lose weight and achieve their desired body shape. Health coach Luke Coutinho addresses this concern by going live on Facebook recently. Luke believes that no matter what quantities you consume protein in, the quality of protein is what really matters. Alongside, the effectiveness of your digestive system in terms of how it is able to break down protein and absorb it in your blood is important for protein absorption in the body. In the process of losing weight, gaining health and optimum muscle mass, people have gone overboard with protein and even overrated it. Proteins are undoubtedly the building blocks of cells and muscles. They are need for better performance, but that doesn’t mean that it is okay to over consume protein.
In this article we talk about the ways to make protein consumption effective and increase protein absorption in the body, as told by Luke Coutinho
Effectiveness of protein is dependent on how well you are able to digest and assimilate it
How your body digests, absorbs and assimilates the food you eat is important. It is important to understand the anatomy of the body in order to understand how well your body will respond to it. Digestion of protein begins in the stomach and result in production of hydrochloric acid. The stomach contains acid and a digestive enzyme known as pepsin. Many people lack sufficient acid in the stomach, which results in excessive burping, acid reflux and flatulence amongst others. Signs of low stomach acid also include feeling full while eating only a little bit of food and loss of appetite.
Pancreas play an important role when it comes to digestion. They produce digestive enzymes which further helps in breakdown of protein into amino acids. These amino acids help in absorption of protein in the blood and transport them to the liver. The liver then distributes these amino acids in cells and muscles in the body.
Thus, effectiveness of protein intake depends on how well your stomach and amino acid are functioning.
How to increase absorption of protein in the body
As mentioned above, a healthy stomach and pancreas are important prerequisites for our protein intake to be as effective as we expect it to be.
1. Taking less stress is important as excessive stress has a direct impact on pancreas.
2. Overeating constantly or eating too often does not allow the body to digest food properly. It results in inflammation in pancreas which can affect production of digestive enzymes.
3. Consuming coffee and tea in excess can also affect absorption of protein in the body. Caffeine tends to have a very negative effect on the pancreas. According to Luke, intake of coffee and tea on an empty stomach can be “disastrous” for the body. Their consumption should be done in limited amounts only.
4. Include more raw fruits and vegetables in your diet. Eat raw fruits and vegetables 15 minutes before your meal as this will help in production of digestive enzymes. Kiwi, pineapples, papayas and mangoes are great fruits to be included in your diet for breakdown of protein. Also, eating ginger and lemon or salad before your meals is going to be helpful.
5. 1-2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in water, 30 minutes before your meal is going to be helpful in better absorption of protein in the body.
6. People with weak digestive system can also opt for supplements of digestive enzymes which can help in better absorption of proteins in the body.

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