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How To Choose The Right Protein Powder For Yourself

This era is like the golden age of protein. People have finally come to embrace the power of this macronutrient. This nutrient is your key to growth, maintenance, and strength. However, not many people are aware of how to use protein in the best possible way. There is a wide variety of protein powders available in the market these days and the most frequently asked question about them is, “How to choose the right protein powder for oneself?” Well, you just checked into the right place for your answer!

Here we classify the various types of proteins on the basis of their source. Take a look at these different types of proteins and then decide which one will suit your purpose best. Remember, your decision should be dependent on your goals. So choose wisely.


1. Whey concentrates

Whey protein is of three different types, whey concentrate is the most basic and inexpensive variety of all three. This one is recommended for beginners who have just stepped into the world of fitness and are looking for a way to improve their muscle mass without having to empty their pockets. This variety can be difficult to digest for some people so you may experience some bloating in the beginning. This protein can be consumed during snacks, before and after workouts, but is not recommended at night. It may not be the best choice for people who are lactose intolerant. This protein also contains some sugars which can result in weight gain.

2. Whey isolates

This variety is a bit more expensive than the concentrates. However, it is one of the most quickly absorbing proteins. They are perfect for people who are on a low-carb diet. Most whey isolate varieties in the market these days are low in terms of sugar and carbs. They can be taken before and after workouts as they provide the muscles with the much needed nutrients needed for recovery.

3. Whey Hdrolysate proteins

This one is the most expensive varieties of protein available in the market. This is the purest variety of whey protein available in the market. Of all proteins, this one has the highest absorption rate. This one is much better for your digestive system than concentrates and can be taken both before and after workouts.

4. Casein proteins

If you hit the gym late in the evening, casein protein is the way to go. This one is ideal to take late at night as it take several hours to digest. Taking this protein right before bed helps the body get as much time as it needs to utilize the protein completely. It takes up to 7 hours for complete utilization. Consuming this protein during the day can provide your body with a constant supply of protein throughout the day. It is also rich in Glutamine, an amino acid which boosts the immune system and improves recovery.

5. Soy protein

If you are a vegan, soy proteins are what we recommend. Its components offer multiple benefits for the consumer. Glutamine and BCAAs promote better recovery and arginine dilates the blood vessels to improve nutrition supply to the muscles. Isoflavones in this product improve your cholesterol levels. This protein boosts thyroid production in the body which improves metabolism, hence promoting weight loss. It can be consumed during any time of the day and before and after workouts. It is not recommended for consumption at night. ?