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Get Rid Of Belly Fat With These Amazing Exercises

July 4, 2018

If you want to loose belly fat fast and easily, the Northwestern medicine has recently introduced a non-surgical procedure for it. Carboxytherapy is a non-invasive technique. This procedure uses artificially injected carbon dioxide to induce weight loss around the abdominal area. Injected carbon dioxide brings about changes in microcirculation and damages the fat cells. But, the exact method of the way carboxytherapy works is still unknown. The results of this therapy are not modest. Thus, carboxytherapy is not a long term fat reduction technique. But yes, it does exist. Who doesn’t want a flat belly?
Excess fat on the lower abs looks very unattractive and prevents you from pulling off any outfit. To make matters worse, no matter how much you work on your lower abs, it seems to have no impact. For getting results specifically on this area, you need to train your whole body and pair it up with a balanced diet. Do remember that this is no excuse to miss out on the planks and crunches as these exercises are the key to strengthening your core. During the initial days, post routine hours can be very painful, it may even hurt when you laugh, so be prepared for that condition too.
Given below is a list of exercises for lower abs, that can help you lose belly fat on your own. The routine for these exercises should be divided into 3 circuits, 30 seconds for each exercise and a 10 seconds gap after each exercise:
1. Heel trap
Lie down on your back, hands under the butt, knees bent and feet in table-top position. Lower your left leg till it barely touches the ground, bring your leg back to the same position and repeat the same with your right leg. Put pressure on your abdomen to raise your legs easily.
2. Mountain climber
Come to a high plank position, body straight to hip level, now lift right leg and bring it to your chest between both hands. Repeat the same with left leg. Now speed up the process and perform faster alternates while keeping your core tight. Cross mountain climber is another exercise for lower abs, lift right leg and bring it close to the left elbow and bring left leg to right elbow and continue alternating with both legs.
3. Scissor
Lie down on your back, raise your head and shoulders off the ground, now scissor kick your legs alternating one up and one down at a time. Try to not stress on your neck. This exercise is very important to reduce excess fat on lower abs.
4. Straight leg raise
Lie down on your back and place hands under lower back. Now slowly raise your legs at 90-degrees and then lower back to the ground. Do not perform this exercise for lower abs if you experience back pain after the routine.
5. Sliding knee tuck
High plank position, both feet on sliders, pull up both your legs to your chest and then push back. Try not to let your upper body lean forward too much.
Try these exercises for lower abs to cut down on all that excess lower ab fat. A routine like so can help you accomplish toned lower abs at a faster pace, of course, when paired with a balanced diet.

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